Thursday, January 5, 2012

Purex Ultrapacks Laundry Detergent

While I was away on vacation, I received Purex UltraPacks laundry detergent in the mail. I was so excited. Mainly because I tried to sign up for this offer and they told me I was too late. So I was completely surprised when I opened the package to find out this was inside. I know it was just Christmas, but to get a surprise package, even if it is laundry detergent, still excites me.  

Can you even believe I was excited to do the laundry when we got back from vacation? This is normally one of the things I hate, but I couldn’t wait to try the new Purex UltraPacks. I opened the package and they looked like little blue gems of laundry detergent inside. Aren’t they cute?

I gather my laundry from the five of us and start a load. I toss one of those little, shiny, blue packs in the wash and throw the clothes in. I read one of warnings said not to touch them with wet hands. I didn't use the regular laundry detergent, so my hands were not wet. I thought to myself, “Wow! That was easy.” I didn't have to measure and worry I put too much detergent in my cup. I didn’t have a cup to rinse out the soap. This saved me time while doing the laundry. I have a new reason to get excited about doing laundry again.  These pretty, blue packs cleaned all my clothes wonderfully and had a great mountain fresh scent.

I was also thinking Purex UltraPacks would be great for when we are on vacation. They come in a convenient resealable pouch and this would pack well too. I wouldn't have to worry about bringing an entire bottle of laundry detergent with me. We normally have a place where there is a washer and dryer to wash clothes, so I don’t have to do them all when I get back.

Check back by in a few weeks, I will be giving some free samples away as soon as I get them.

This article was written as a review for Purex Ultrapacks laundry detergent. Purex provided me with a free sample to test and review. All the opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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