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I am a mom of three wonderful children of a blended family. Two are my own, a boy and a girl, and I have a step son. My goal is trying to feed the family using coupons to buy healthy food and necessary needs including diapers for around $50.00 a week.

I first saw extreme couponing on the Nate Berkus show and began researching on how I could do this to help with the family budget. I was trying to operate the budget on $50.00 a week with few coupons. It was very difficult. I would buy the store brand, since it was normally cheaper even with a coupon. I would cut coupons for products I knew I liked and buy them the next time I went to the store. Never paying attention to when that item went on sale to get it even cheaper. I just always thought that was a bonus when that would happen. I did notice the constant changing of prices and it was difficult to know if the product you wanted was going to increase in price on your next visit. This would throw my budget off.

I really enjoy the hunt for the best deals. The $50.00 a week budget is a big challenge for me. I include all toilletries and diapers in that budget. I just love challenges. With the extra savings we are able to go on vacations and do some extra fun things with the kids. This is where I would really like my money to go. I have now gotten a nice stockpile of items to where I can really shop the deals now and also get some of my specialty items I really enjoy and still stay within budget.

I visit my couponing 101 series to learn how to start extreme couponing. This is a four part series to teach to the basics of couponing. I do not know everything and do not claim to know everything on Extreme Couponing, so come back to visit on Fridays to see how others shop on my Friday Finals linky for more inspiration. 

One of the best things I have found through extreme couponing is not the amount of items I can get for free or extremely cheap, but how I can then donate and pass on items to someone in need. I feel I can give more now than ever before. I keep a basket of items I get for free, but I may not need to use. Whenever an opportunity comes up to donate I love running to my basket to see how much I can give. Not only do I get excited, but so does my daughter when we can give to those in need.

PR and Disclosure
Do you have a product my readers might like? I would LOVE to review a product for you. I request one for myself to test and one to give away. I will write an honest opinion on the product and share with you before I post the results. Please contact me at coupongreene@gmail.com,  if you would like to market your product. I have a growing fan base who would love to hear about your product.

Readers this will be an honest review of a product to share with you. I do not have any expertise in any area. I will be an normal mom reviewing a product. 

There may be affiliate links on my site. A small commission may be made by clicking or printing a coupon from one of these links. This helps keep this site FREE. 

Sponsor Information
Please let me know if you would like to become a sponsor for my site. I am currently accepting sponsors. Very LOW introductory offer.  My email addres is coupongreene@gmail.com. Please email me if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

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