Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Easy Chicken and Biscuits

I have been wanting comfort food lately. I am trying to get a few casseroles in before the kitchen is closed for summer. It is just way to hot to cook inside during the summer. Here is another under five dollar dinner and a great stockpile meal Easy Chicken and Biscuits.

I wanted to make some chicken stock for some beans I was planning on cooking later in the week. I boiled a bone in chicken breast with seasonings. This is like the canned chicken you normally buy, but not nearly as expensive. I used the stock for some beans I was cooking to put up and freeze. I had no idea what I was going to do with the chicken. I put it in the fridge and started going through some recipes to see what I wanted. Since the chicken was in the fridge it was so easy to cut up it just fell off the bone. This dish originally started off as Chicken pot pie, but I just didn't feel like making the crust.
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Easy Chicken and Biscuits

Ingredients for Creamed Chicken:
1 Boiled Chicken breast - deboned and cubed $1.00
1 Medium Onion chopped $0.49
1 Can Cream of Broccoli Soup - if you don't have this use any creamed soup $0.40
1/2 cup Milk $0.20
1 Can Mix Vegetables drained $0.50
1/2 Cup Frozen corn $0.15
1/2 Cup Frozen Broccoli $0.15
1 teaspoon poultry seasoning $0.05
2 tablespoon butter or oil

Ingredients for Biscuits:
1 1/2 cup Biscuit mix (I used Bisquick) $0.30
1/2 cup Milk $0.20

1. Saute the onions in a little butter or oil until they are translucent. 

2. Add cubed chicken, soup, 1/4 cup milk, mixed veggies, frozen veggies. Heat this mixture through. Pour this into a round 2 quart casserole dish. 

3. Make the biscuits for the topping. In a large bowl add biscuit mix and milk stir until lumpy. Spread biscuit mixture over the top of the round dish. 

4. Place in oven at 350 for 30 mins. Top should be golden brown when the Chicken and Biscuits are removed.

5. For a slight variation to this recipe add 1/2 cup of cheese to the biscuits for a cheesy biscuit top or drop biscuits on top.
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This is super easy chicken and biscuit meal that you can whip up for you family in no time. This meal cost me around $3.50 to make to feed my family of five. The prices reflect my stockpile price for these items. This is another under five dollar dinner you can make to feed your family. Everyone in my house loved it. There were even a few leftovers for the next day. 

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