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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finals - Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Walgreens, CVS

I have been a shopping fool this week. I am over budget again, but I am not shopping next week for sure. Sometimes a good deal is hard to pass up. With prices increasing and the amount on the coupons decreasing, if I find a deal I grab it. However, I think I am buying more wants than needs lately. I need to reassess my shopping and cut back to needs only.

Stop by to see the great shopping trips from these fabulous sites from last week. The top clickiest from last week are:

~   ~   ~
This is only half a all I purchased this week.

Tom Thumb 03/06/12

4 Kraft Cheese B1G1 $3.99 – $1.35/2 Kroger Home Mailer, $0.50/2 doubled Kraft Cheese Printable
            -Final $1.40 each avg.
2 Ducan Hines Cake Mix $1.25 - 2 $0.35 tripled, Duncan Hines Cake Mix
            -Final $0.20
6 Quaker Oatmeal B1G1 $3.39 – 2 $1/3 Quaker Oatmeal Moments to Save
            -Final $1.36 each
2 Cream of Wheat $3.99 each - $1/2 Cream of Wheat
            -Final $3.49 each
4 Progresso Soup $0.99 - $1/4 Progresso Soup GM 02/05/12
            -Final $0.74 each

I also used a $2.00 off your next shopping order I got from my granola bar purchase before. I went back later that day to get the Duncan Hines Cake mix for $0.20, since Tom Thumb will only double or triple one coupon. Cake mix for $0.20 is just too good to pass up.

I spent $21.77 and saved $33.09 on $54.86 worth of groceries this shopping trip.

Tom Thumb 03/08/12

1 Community Coffee $4.99
            -Final $4.99
1 Cheese Nips $1.67
            -Final $1.67
2 Bear Creek Soup B1G1 $4.49 - $1/1 Bear Creek Soup SS 10/23/12
            -Final $1.75
1 4 roll Toilette Paper $0.99
            -Final $0.99
1 Package Pork Chops 50% off $10.61
            -Final $5.30
1 Odwalla Bar $1.00 - $0.15/1 Tripled Odwalla Bar SS 01/08/12 <on sale until April>
            -Final $0.55
I used $3.00 off my next order I got from the cheese from my previous purchase.

I paid $13.82 and saved $18.93 on $32.75 worth of food and necessary items this trip. I am going to keep getting the Odwalla bar. This was delicious. I had planned on rolling my $3.00 for frozen items, but I left my coupons on the table. DARN.

Kroger 03/08/12

2 Gogurts $1.99 - $0.75/2 Gogurt Printable NLA
            -Final $1.61each
2 Kettle Low Fat Chips $2.29 – 2 $1/1 Kettle Brand Chips, RP 01/08/12
            -Final $1.29 each
4 Progresso Soups $1.35 - $1/4 Progresso Soup, GM 02/05/12
            -Final $1.10 each
1 Starbucks 4 pack $4.99
            -Final $4.99
2 Helluva Dips 1 $0.60 clearance, 1 $1.49 – 2 $0.75/1 blinkie coupon
            -Final $0.30 each
1 Kroger Sliced Cheese $2.99
            -Final $2.99
1Oreo 2.98 - $1.50/1 Kroger eCoupon – During Cart Busters
            -Final $1.48
2 Ortega Taco shells $1.50 - $0.50/2 Ortega Products 01/15/12
            -Final $1.25 each
2 Tortillas clearance $0.99 each
            -Final $0.99 each
1 WaterChestnuts $0.79
            -Final $0.79

I spent $26.61 and saved $13.29 on $39.90 worth of groceries at Kroger. The Helluva sour cream and onion dips were all clearanced to $0.60 each, this was a $0.15 money maker for me. The blinkie was right on the door too.


1.8 lbs of sunflower seeds $3.58
1 Pepper Jack cheese $4.56
1 Pork Roast $7.90

I paid $16.04 for groceries at Sprouts.


2 Soft Soap $4.49– 2 $0.50/1 Soft Soap SS 02/12/12
2 Kettle Chips $1.99 - $1/1 Kettle brand Chips RP 01/08/12

Used $3.00 RR

Received $3.00 RR

OOP $5.39

I spent $5.39 on groceries and necessary items and saved $6.00 on $11.39 worth of products.


3 Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish $4.79 each
1 CVS Training pants $6.99

$3.00 CVS redbox coupon Revlon Cosmetic item Printed a while back
$2.00 ECBs
$7.00 ECBs
$4.00 ECBs

$9.00 ECB on nail polish
$2.00 ECB on Training Pants

OOP $5.36

I paid $5.36 and saved $16.00 on $21.36 worth of products at CVS this week.

Altogether I spent $85.99 and saved $87.31 on $173.30 for groceries and healthcare items this week.

Want to reduce your grocery budget read my series on

How did you do this week? One of the best ways to learn good strategies is reading how others shop. LINKY is open below.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Saving Saturday

Here are a ton of new coupons to print for the month of March:

Baby & Toddler

Personal Care



Affiliate Links are used in this post. I may get a commission if you click on any of the links above.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Finals - Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, CVS, Walgreens

I have announced my winners for the two giveaways I had on Purex items. Stop by my Giveaways page to see if you won. 

Also I am still looking for five guest bloggers to post on the week of 12-16 contact me or post a comment and I will get back to you. Looking for articles you have written or want to write on topics such as:

Frugal living ideas
Ways to save money - not grocery related
Couponing ideas
Any tips concerning cooking, cleaning, organizing
Fun kid activities 

Here are the most clickiest links from last week:

~   ~   ~
Now on to savings totals:

1 Perdue Chicken $2.50 - $1/1 Perdue Chicken Kroger eCoupon
            -Final $1.50
1 Armour Pepperoni $3.00 - $1/1 Armour Pepperoni catalina
            -Final $2.00
2 Gortons Fish $3.25 - $1/1 Gorton’s Product Printable
            -Final $3.00 each
1 Kroger Cheese $1.67
1 Kroger Butter $2.25
1 Kraft Easy Mac & Cheese $1.19 – FREE Kroger Daytona days
            -Final FREE – I LOVE FREE
1 Package Kroger Chicken Breasts $7.20 - $1.50/7 lbs meat Kroger Home Mailer
            -Final $5.70

I spent $18.62 and saved $16.11 on $34.73 mostly on meat this shopping trip. My daughter loves those Kraft Mac & Cheese cups, since she can take them to school for lunch. I am also trying to change from margarine to Butter. Butter just seems more natural than all the other artificial ingredients in margarine.

Tom Thumb

1 Wesson Canola Oil $2.99
2 18 Count Eggs $1.99 each Store coupon
8 Milk 50% off clearance $1.04 each – I plan on freezing these
2 International Delight creamer $2.49 Each store coupon - $1/2 Peelie coupon
            -Final $1.99 each
1 Martha White Muffins $1.19 - $0.35 tripled RP 11/13/11
            -Final $0.14
3 Cans Hunts Tomatoes $0.89 each store coupon - $0.45/3 doubled Hunts Tomatoes SS 1/22/12
            -Final $0.59 each
1 Starkist Tuna pouch $1.25 - $0.50/1 doubled Tuna Pouch March All YOU MAG
            -Final $0.25
2 Kettle Chips $1.98 each Store Q - $1/1 Kettle Chips RP 01/08/12
            -Final $1.48 each

I spent $23.99 and saved $23.95 on $47.95 worth of food. Since I now have milk and bread and I am stocked up on nearly everything. The only thing I am a little low on is lunch meat.  


.42lbs Dried Cranberries @ $2.99 lb
            -Final $1.26
4 So Delicious Coconut Milk 1 Qt $1.79 each – 4 $1/1 So Delicious Product
            -Final $0.79 each
3 Clif Bars $0.89 each – 1 is missing from the pic. It was too good I ate it.
1 lb Asparagus @ $0.99 lb
            -Final $0.99
2 Avocados $0.69 each
2 Organic Seed Packets $1.99 - $2/2 Seeds of Change March ALL You
            -Final $1.98
1 Garden Kit $3.99 - $2/1 Seeds of Change Garden Kit. March ALL You
            -Final $1.99

I spent $13.45 and saved $8.00 on fresh food and groceries this trip. The two seed kits will not go towards my grocery budget this week. But I did want to show you this awesome deal. How awesome to get organic seeds and also have coupons for them? I was excited, since I looked at these last week, but thought it was a little expensive. Then I found the coupon. Woo Hoo.


1st Transaction
6 Boxes of Gelatin $0.10 each clearance
            -Final $0.10 each
1 Burts Bees Throat Drop Honey $1.99


$2.00 RR for the Burts Bees.

2nd Transaction
1 5 Blade mens razor $3.99

$2.00 from Previous transaction


$3.00 RR for the Razor

1 Can Lindsey Black Olives $0.99
1 Hydro Razor $8.49
1 Colgate Toothbrush $3.99
1 Physicians Formula Blush $12.79

$4.00/1 Schick Hydro 5 Razor SS 02/26/12
$0.75/1 Colgate Toothbrush SS 02/26/12
$1/1 Physicians Formula SS 02/12/12
$4 ECBs
$1 ECB
$6.99 ECB


$4.00 ECB Schick Hydro
$7.00 ECB Physicians Formula
$2.00 Colgate reward

So I made money this trip!

I may not need to go shopping next week. Wow what will I do with all my free time? Any suggestions 

Altogether I spent $65.36 and saved $63.80 for groceries and healthcare items this week.*

*I did not include my seed cost or savings in these totals.

~   ~   ~

Want to reduce your grocery budget checkout my

Find more great deals join Pounds4Pennies BlogFrog community or stay connected with Pounds4Pennies on Facebook  for MUCH MORE great savings and deals and steals.

How did your savings go this week? Looking at how others save is the best way to learn great couponing strategies and where good deals are. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips 4 Tuesday - Why I Never Shopped at Walgreens. Until TODAY!

One thing you have to realize when you are first starting to coupon is you can’t always get all the deals all the time. There are just too many stores and the amount of gas you would use would offset the saving you were getting anyway. That is mainly why I never shopped at Walgreens. It was too far away for me to justify making a trip out that way to get just a few items each week. Even if it was FREE. Since most of the time the FREE item was gone off the shelf by the time I got there. So all I did was waste gas and drive around for nothing. I spent time planning my scenarios, gathering my coupons. Instead of being excited about the awesome deals I was about to get, all I got was disappointment. This was not worth my time, gas or energy. I did this on several occasions. I vowed I would not go to Walgreens anymore.

Until now! I just realized that there is a Walgreens close to my son’s preschool, since this is on my way and I won't waste any gas money. I thought to myself “How can I now add Walgreens into my shopping rotation?” I stopped by there today, and the cashiers were so much nicer than the Walgreens closest one to my house. Someone in the aisle even asked if I needed help. They even had a ton of the sale items still in stock, and it was Tuesday. I was very impressed and I will go back to this store.

My new plan of savings is to hit Walgreens and CVS on Tuesdays. Then do my grocery shopping at Tom Thumb, Kroger and Sprouts on Thursdays. This way I will not waste any gas, since all of these are on the way home from my son’s daycare. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the closest to when the new sales cycles start for those stores. Woo Hoo more savings!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Money Saving Monday - Maximize Savings on Clearance Items at Tom Thumb

Just a few things first. My DI team made 6th place at our tournament. We are thrilled with the results. The team worked so hard and they are excited they placed this year. Now I can focus a little more time on my blog.

Second; don’t miss out on my giveaways. They are both ending March 1st. If you haven’t registered do it now before it is too late. There will be 3 winners for Purex Laundry Detergent FREE product coupon and 3 winners for Purex Ultrapacks FREE product coupon. For a total of 6 possible WINNERS! Super easy entry.

Lastly, I just love yogurt and I hate paying full price for it. I have to say Yoplait is my favorite yogurt. It is just thick and creamy and I love most of the flavors they make. I am always looking for ways to get this stuff cheaper. I like to shop the clearance bins for maximum savings.We eat yogurt pretty quickly around here so it won’t ever go to waste. I can usually buy what we will eat before it expires. Here is a scenario you can try to get any clearance items even cheaper at Tom Thumb.

~  ~  ~

Using Coupons on Clearance Items at Tom Thumb

In each store, there are several clearance bins for items reduced for quick sale. One in dairy, meat, dry goods and produce. If you are a newbie, you should start trying to familiarize yourself where these little gold mines of savings are located at each of the stores you shop. You can really score some great deals in these areas. Check the product thoroughly and make sure it is in good condition before you buy it. Also check the expiration date on perishable items to see if you will use this or freeze it before the expiration date. It is also a good idea to find out what day they move certain items to the clearance bins to get them when they first hit the sales rack.

Tom Thumb has several clearance bins throughout the store to shop. Notify the cashier you have a clearance item(s) before they begin to check you out. It is best to set these aside or have them ring them up last, so you can pay attention to how they do it. The clearance item is supposed to be rung up first at full price, then scan the red clearance bar code. Always check this when they are checking you out, and . If not done this way your item may still ring at full price. You may experience some problems if the product is not scanned correctly.

Since they scan the product at full price then take the discount off after, you can still use a coupon to maximize your savings. This is great when it can also be a coupon that can be doubled or tripled.

~  ~  ~

Find more great deals join Pounds4Pennies BlogFrog community or stay connected with Pounds4Pennies on Facebook  for MUCH MORE great savings and deals and steals.

I haven't had any problems trying this scenario at Tom Thumb. Now I am testing this at Kroger. I have used it on a couple of items with success. Have you had any successes using coupons on clearance items at Kroger?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Finals

I am super busy trying to get my DI team ready for their competition this weekend. I can't wait to share with you how we do this Saturday. Wish us luck. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I guide them but I really don't have much to do on performance day except all the darn forms I have to complete. Right now this is my focus and where I love to spend my time. Helping nurture and grow seven 9-10 year olds to become not only leaders, but learn to be on a team. Both very important qualities and a difficult balance.

Since all this is going on, I don't have much time to post all my items and coupon match ups, so I am just going to give quick totals. If I have time tonight I might update my post.

I still have two giveaways going on right now. One is for Purex Laundry Detergent and one is for Purex UltraPacks. The UltraPacks have a lower entry right now! You have a chance to win one of three FREE coupons for Purex Triple Action or you could enter to win one of three FREE coupons for Purex UltraPacks. Enter now for your chance to win you can enter both contests. Spread the word and tell all your friends.


1 Nestle Cookies Clearance $0.69
1 Loaf Raisin Bread $1.00 – Clearance
2 Loaves Whole Wheat Artisan Bread $1.00 each
1 Kroger Shredded Cheese $1.67
2 Hunts Manwich Sauce $0.79 each
1 Corn Tortillas 24 count $1.00
4 Bags Kettle Chips 2 reduced fat, 2 reg $2.50 each - 2 $1/1 Reduced Fat, 2 $1/1 Regular Kettle Chips
          -Final $1.50 each
6 Boxes Zatarains Rice Mixes $1.01 each avg – 3 $0.50/2 Zatarains Rice Mixes
          -Final $0.76 each avg.
1 Millstone K-Cup Coffee $6.99 - $2/1 Millstone coffee
          -Final $4.99
2 Heluva Dips $0.99 each - $0.75/1 Heluva Dips
          -Final $0.24 each 

I spent $24.95 and saved $21.03 on $45.98. There is more savings, since I got all the bread at $1.00 a loaf and they are around $4.00 each. I didn't realized until I got home the Manwich sauce has high fructose corn syrup in it. I am trying to stay away from this for the kids. So I guess I will make my own using no high fructose corn syrup ketchup. I also got the Zatarians with brown rice. Now I can just add more brown rice to make it work for all five of us.

Tom Thumb
I spent $28.21 and saved $35.83 on $64.04.

1 Boiron ColdCalm $6.99
1 Minced Onion $1.77
1 Pepper FREE

B1G1 FREE on most spices. Since this was cheaper than the $1.00 store I got two items. I LOVE FREE!

$2.00 ECBs
$4.00 ECBs


Received $6.99 in ECBs. Woo Hoo money making trip!

I have two giveaways going on right now. One is for Purex Laundry Detergent and one is for Purex UltraPacks. You have a chance to win one of three FREE coupons for Purex Triple Action or you could enter to win one of three FREE coupons for Purex UltraPacks. Enter now for your chance to win you can enter both contests. Spread the word and tell all your friends.

Altogether I spent $52.00 and saved $56.86 on $108.86 worth of food and other items. Barely over budget!

Want to reduce your grocery budget checkout my

Find more great deals join Pounds4Pennies BlogFrog community or stay connected with Pounds4Pennies on Facebook  for MUCH MORE great savings and deals and steals.

How did you do shopping this week? One of the best ways to learn is from seeing how others coupon. I can't wait to see how you did this week. LINK UP below.
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