Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finals - Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Walgreens, CVS

I have been a shopping fool this week. I am over budget again, but I am not shopping next week for sure. Sometimes a good deal is hard to pass up. With prices increasing and the amount on the coupons decreasing, if I find a deal I grab it. However, I think I am buying more wants than needs lately. I need to reassess my shopping and cut back to needs only.

Stop by to see the great shopping trips from these fabulous sites from last week. The top clickiest from last week are:

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This is only half a all I purchased this week.

Tom Thumb 03/06/12

4 Kraft Cheese B1G1 $3.99 – $1.35/2 Kroger Home Mailer, $0.50/2 doubled Kraft Cheese Printable
            -Final $1.40 each avg.
2 Ducan Hines Cake Mix $1.25 - 2 $0.35 tripled, Duncan Hines Cake Mix
            -Final $0.20
6 Quaker Oatmeal B1G1 $3.39 – 2 $1/3 Quaker Oatmeal Moments to Save
            -Final $1.36 each
2 Cream of Wheat $3.99 each - $1/2 Cream of Wheat
            -Final $3.49 each
4 Progresso Soup $0.99 - $1/4 Progresso Soup GM 02/05/12
            -Final $0.74 each

I also used a $2.00 off your next shopping order I got from my granola bar purchase before. I went back later that day to get the Duncan Hines Cake mix for $0.20, since Tom Thumb will only double or triple one coupon. Cake mix for $0.20 is just too good to pass up.

I spent $21.77 and saved $33.09 on $54.86 worth of groceries this shopping trip.

Tom Thumb 03/08/12

1 Community Coffee $4.99
            -Final $4.99
1 Cheese Nips $1.67
            -Final $1.67
2 Bear Creek Soup B1G1 $4.49 - $1/1 Bear Creek Soup SS 10/23/12
            -Final $1.75
1 4 roll Toilette Paper $0.99
            -Final $0.99
1 Package Pork Chops 50% off $10.61
            -Final $5.30
1 Odwalla Bar $1.00 - $0.15/1 Tripled Odwalla Bar SS 01/08/12 <on sale until April>
            -Final $0.55
I used $3.00 off my next order I got from the cheese from my previous purchase.

I paid $13.82 and saved $18.93 on $32.75 worth of food and necessary items this trip. I am going to keep getting the Odwalla bar. This was delicious. I had planned on rolling my $3.00 for frozen items, but I left my coupons on the table. DARN.

Kroger 03/08/12

2 Gogurts $1.99 - $0.75/2 Gogurt Printable NLA
            -Final $1.61each
2 Kettle Low Fat Chips $2.29 – 2 $1/1 Kettle Brand Chips, RP 01/08/12
            -Final $1.29 each
4 Progresso Soups $1.35 - $1/4 Progresso Soup, GM 02/05/12
            -Final $1.10 each
1 Starbucks 4 pack $4.99
            -Final $4.99
2 Helluva Dips 1 $0.60 clearance, 1 $1.49 – 2 $0.75/1 blinkie coupon
            -Final $0.30 each
1 Kroger Sliced Cheese $2.99
            -Final $2.99
1Oreo 2.98 - $1.50/1 Kroger eCoupon – During Cart Busters
            -Final $1.48
2 Ortega Taco shells $1.50 - $0.50/2 Ortega Products 01/15/12
            -Final $1.25 each
2 Tortillas clearance $0.99 each
            -Final $0.99 each
1 WaterChestnuts $0.79
            -Final $0.79

I spent $26.61 and saved $13.29 on $39.90 worth of groceries at Kroger. The Helluva sour cream and onion dips were all clearanced to $0.60 each, this was a $0.15 money maker for me. The blinkie was right on the door too.


1.8 lbs of sunflower seeds $3.58
1 Pepper Jack cheese $4.56
1 Pork Roast $7.90

I paid $16.04 for groceries at Sprouts.


2 Soft Soap $4.49– 2 $0.50/1 Soft Soap SS 02/12/12
2 Kettle Chips $1.99 - $1/1 Kettle brand Chips RP 01/08/12

Used $3.00 RR

Received $3.00 RR

OOP $5.39

I spent $5.39 on groceries and necessary items and saved $6.00 on $11.39 worth of products.


3 Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish $4.79 each
1 CVS Training pants $6.99

$3.00 CVS redbox coupon Revlon Cosmetic item Printed a while back
$2.00 ECBs
$7.00 ECBs
$4.00 ECBs

$9.00 ECB on nail polish
$2.00 ECB on Training Pants

OOP $5.36

I paid $5.36 and saved $16.00 on $21.36 worth of products at CVS this week.

Altogether I spent $85.99 and saved $87.31 on $173.30 for groceries and healthcare items this week.

Want to reduce your grocery budget read my series on

How did you do this week? One of the best ways to learn good strategies is reading how others shop. LINKY is open below.

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  1. I am over again too! If I would have stuck to my list I would have been fine, but I took the kids with me. Big mistake! Oh well...I know I will get back on track so I am not too worried about it. After the week we had last week I just don't care to stress over it :) Have a wonderful day and I would love for you to stop by and link up with me this week!

    1. Thanks! I have linked up. Kids will always throw you off.

  2. I spent more than I wanted this week too :( I feel that everything goes up in price lately, and I use coupons less and less because I still can't much of a deal...

  3. I feel the same. Wondering if I should spend my money on papers to go towards groceries.


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