Here are some of my favorite recipes I would like to share with you. Some of these are made up by me. These are stated as an Amy Original. Please let me know if you try these and how you liked them. Link up your Recipe LINK Parties on my LINKY page.

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Chocolate Strawberry Brownies - Amy Original. These contain fruit so they must be healthy!

Homemade Enchiladas & Sauce from Scratch - Here my frugal living came out and made enchilada sauce from scratch! Great Stockpile meal.

Cinnamon French Toast - Amy Original. Super easy breakfast idea and freezes great. I spent $1.44 to feed a family of five. 

Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins - The kids and I loved these. A new favorite for muffins. Freezes great for breakfast on the go.

Tasty Taco Soup - Super easy. Can be made in 30 min or less.

Make your own Package Muffin Mix - Don't buy package muffin mix anymore.

Homemade Pizza Rolls - So delicious. New Family favorite

Amy's Awesome Sausage Casserole - Amy Original Family favorite

Cake Mix Whatever Cookies - Super easy, you have everything to make them already

Don't Throw That OUT - Save the leftovers no matter how small

Pop Corn Bowl Cake - Movie Party idea

Keema - Indian Dish - Great dish if you are looking for a new flavor

Zucchini Fritters -Kids Loved them. Yeah they ate veggies and liked it.

Biscuit Empanadas - Amy Original. Super easy

How to add extra veggies to Box Meals - Featured Article on Grocery Cart Challenge and Little House on the Prairie Living

Ice Cream - For Breakfast -Healthy Breakfast Smoothies for Kids

How to Freeze and Thaw Items - Very important tips

Tequila Chicken - Yum New flavors, you don't have to use tequila to make it

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