Saturday, May 7, 2011


Items that freeze well
I am making a list of items that freeze well and I will add to this list when someone gives me a new idea or I find something else I can freeze.

Here is a list of items that I have found that freeze well and the best way to thaw them.

1. BREAD. Freeze in the normal bread plastic this will last around a month in the freezer. To thaw simply lay on the counter.

2. Hot Dog and Hamburger buns. Pretty much same as the bread. Freeze in the normal bread plastic this will last around a month in the freezer. To thaw simply lay on the counter.

3. TORTILLAS. Freeze in the plastic it comes in. Thaw a day before you plan on using them. I recently tried this and they were great.

4. WAFFLES and/or PANCAKES. I usually make a double or triple batch. Let them cool on a wire rack individually separated. Once cool freeze. Place in large plastic freezer sealing bags. Pancakes and Waffles are best reheated in the toaster and use the frozen setting if you have a toaster with this option. However, my waffle maker makes the Belgian waffles and they are too big for the toaster. I heat them in the microwave on one side for 1 minute, flip then the other side for 30sec. It depends on your microwave as to how long you need to do this for the center not to still be frozen.

5. Fruit in season. Especially berries and bananas. I have even washed strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and freeze them in the container. For some reason they do not get freezer burn. I also will puree the berries and freeze them as 1/4 cup in baggies and freeze them flat. Then you have berry puree for pancakes, waffles, homemade ice cream and brownies whenever you want. I just cut up the banana into small bite size pieces so it will blend well. This will keep a long time.

6. Broccoli and Cauliflower. I just lightly steam them for a couple of minutes, cut the heads up into bite size pieces. Freeze in a larger Ziploc bag. Enough for a meal for your family. Take out when ready. Sometimes broccoli and cauliflower are even cheaper fresh rather than buying the already frozen and more nutritious. I also make purees out of them. Put them in ¼ cup baggies and add them to meals to sneak in extra veggies on my kids who don’t like them.

7. Squash. I love Acorn and Butternut squash. You can usually get this in season for under a $1.00 a pound. I bake it in the oven for around an hour at 400. Then the inside is soft to scoop out. I will make either a butternut squash soup or just freeze in ¼ cup baggies and use in meals.

8. Rice. I love to make a large batch of Rice. It takes as long to make 1 cup as it does 3. Let the rice cool. I then portion it out to a normal meal and then freeze in a baggie. Lay on the counter to thaw. You can heat in the baggie, but I perfer to take it out and heat in a bowl. I just don't think the plastic is safe for my family.
 Do you have anything you freeze that is not listed? Share your ideas. I would love to hear from you .


  1. i freeze butter and margarine,milk, yogurt, slice cheese.things that dont freeze good is block cheese and sour cream.

  2. Thanks for the tips. How do you freeze milk? Do you freeze the whole gallon or poor into another container.

    I freeze block cheese. To thaw do not open and lay on the counter until room temperature then refridgerate again. I need to add that one.

  3. i freeze the whole gallon,some ppl pour a little out before freezing.the jug expands so it could bust,i haven't had any problems.i will try the block cheese again.i like to stock up when i can get it cheap.


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