Monday, May 9, 2011

Walmart Shopping

I decided to go to Walmart for a few deals I still needed. I am still not familiar with all the prices on all items at Walmart, Kroger and Tom Thumb. So I am starting to compile a list to see where I can get the most savings. I try to use Couponmom for price comparisons, but not all items are listed and sometimes there is a few cents difference than from what is actually in the store. That can make the difference as to where I purchase the product.

Here is what I purchased:
(3) Mahatma Brown Rice $1.12 – 3 $0.50/1 Q for Mahatma or Watermaid rice RP 05/01/11
            -Final $0.62 each – less than Walmart brand.
(1) Uncle Bens Ready Rice pouch $1.38 – 1 FREE Q in the mail
            -Final FREE
(3) Noxema razors $2.67 – 3 $2/1 Noxema razors RP 05/01/11
            -Final $0.67 each
(3) Speed Stick Deodorant $0.98 – 3 $0.50/1 Speed Stick Deodorant SS 05/01/11
            -Final $0.48 each – This is $2.00 at Kroger. Even Double this is cheaper.

Total spent $5.48 on $15.69 worth of items purchased at Walmart. The rice is way mroe expensive at Kroger even if the coupon was doubled. With the Speed Stick Kroger had it on sale for $2.00, even with the coupon doubled Walmart was cheaper. If you want your own ready made rice, make a large batch of rice it takes the same time to cook one cup as it does to cook 3 cups. I prefer brown rice, but it takes nearly an hour to cook properly. I make a large batch and freeze it in baggies for family portion. It is much quicker to heat up than wait an hour to make some more. I need to include this on my items to freeze list.

Happy Shopping.

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