Friday, May 20, 2011

Walmart Shopping

Good news I found my Walmart receipt. I had stuck it in my purse. So I will post that here now. I knew I did not throw that away.

You may not always see 70 – 80% savings on all my grocery shopping trips. I do try to purchase food my family will eat and at a reduced cost by shopping at the store with the lowest price. I also try not to purchase too many processed foods. I try to stick to purchasing items like frozen veggies, canned items, pasta, drinks and cereal. I do from time to time purchase processed food to be used on an occasional basis or a quick meal rather than hitting the fast food restaurants. Either going out to eat or eating a can of Chef Boyardee are considered treats at my house. Also I would rather give my children sugar than an artificial sweetener made from chemicals. These too are seen as treats in my home. Such as Gogurt or Yogurt is considered dessert and a treat yet is has calcium they need. I see it as better than eating a cookie or a piece of cake that has little nutritional value.

No Picture but here is what I got:

(1) Bread $1.64
(1) Whole Chicken $5.75
(2) Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix $1.42 each – I thought I had a coupon for this, but it expired
(2) Onion Soup Mix $1.12 – I thought I had a coupon for this, but it expired
(1) French’s Fried Onions 6oz $2.78 – $0.75/1 Q French’s Fried Onions SS 04/10/11
            -Final $2.73
(2) Quart International Delight Creamers $2.94 - $1/2 Q Int’l Delight Quarts SS 04/10/11
            -Final $2.44 each
(1) Gallon Milk $2.38
(1) Pull up Pants Walmart brand $8.47 – Forgot Huggies coupon

I purchased some other items at Walmart, but they were not related to food. Total I spent on food items is $31.82 saved $1.75. I should have put the soups back, but I really wanted them. I should have used my coupons earlier before they expired. I use the French’s onions in several of my dishes my husband loves.  The larger size was a better deal than the smaller size. I purchased the larger size and it was the same cost as the Walmart brand I normally buy. I prefer the French’s brand better.

My totals for the week are my Tom Thumb trip of $11.78 and my second trip of $7.42. A total spent of $51.02. Very close to budget this week.

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