Thursday, May 5, 2011


It is with pain I am writing to you today. The arthritis is back in my right index finger thanks to the cold snap we had earlier this week. I can barely bend it. I can still type ok only a little pain. I am taking my over the counter medicine I bought at B1G1 and an additional $10.00 off thanks to couponing.

I am trying to decide on some new articles to write. I am full of ideas, but I haven’t actually put anything down in writing yet. So I am getting started on that today right after this post. I have thought of providing some recipes, food storing tips, ways to stretch a box meal and time saving tips as regular posts on days I don’t go shopping. Let me know if there is something you would like more information about or would like to share. If you send me an article you would love to share, I will be sure you receive credit and a link back to your site.

This Wednesday I went shopping at Sprouts for my produce. The prices are so much better than any other chain store and I love to shop there. I have described this as a Whole Foods, but not as large and retail as Whole Foods is. Sprouts is very health food conscious. I really enjoy shopping there. I found some great deals there this week. I even found a new product I had been looking for at Kroger, but there is never anyone to help you at Kroger. Sprouts is small and they are always willing to help you there. I was looking for the So Delicious Coconut Milk. I always see it really cheap at Kroger, but I have yet to find it there. I found out I was looking in the wrong spot the whole time. I was looking in the organic refrigerated section; it is located in the organic aisle with the non refrigerated soy milks. I never thought to look there. Now I know where to find it in Kroger next time. Maybe next time I will get it for FREE! Even better.

Here is how I did at Sprouts this week:

Bulk items
(1.23) lbs Bulk Granola @ $2.49/lb - $3.06
(.40) lbs Raisins @ $1.49 - $0.60

(2) Voskos Greek Yogurt 16 oz. - no Q $2.00 each

(1) So Delicious Coconut Milk $1.79 – $1/1 Q Printable
            -Final - $0.79

(2) Cucumbers $0.49 each
(1.95) lbs Apples $0.77/lb
(2.17)lbs White Onions $0.49/lb

I spent a total of $11.89 for $12.99 worth of food. I saved $1.10. I get a $0.05 credit for using my own canvas bags. I make sure these are in my car when going to Sprouts from now on. This trip would have cost me more than $20.00 at the regular grocery store. All the produce is nearly double what it is at Sprouts. I really enjoy when the bulk granola is on sale for $2.49. That is the only time I will buy it. They usually have a sale every couple of weeks with a different granola featured. I didn't have a coupon for the Voskos, but now I know where I can get it cheaper than Kroger. I love Greek Yogurt and couldn't pass up this deal. I will post my Ice Cream for breakfast recipe next week using this yogurt. YES delicious and nutritious Ice Cream for breakfast. Your kids will think you have gone crazy giving them ice cream for breakfast and you will be a hit in your house.

I purchased the raisins to make a snack mix with my Chex cereal I bought a while back. I just need sun flower seeds to go on sale again to complete the recipe. The Dollar store carries dried bananas I will add to my snack mix. My daughter is allergic to nuts so I have found I can use sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to substitute for the nuts. I also have bought her sunflower butter for a quick sandwich.

Tomorrow is LINK UP Friday. Please share your links tomorrow. I am looking forward to a long list of link ups to share and to visit. My link up from last Friday is still available here.

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