Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kroger Shopping

I went shopping today at Kroger for the MEGA event sale. I was so excited pasta was on sale again. My family had not eaten all the pasta from the last mega event when pasta was on sale. I am starting to understand more how Kroger sale cycles work. I started in February with my extreme couponing for normal people. This is the last time I went to Kroger and pasta was on sale click here. So you can see the sales cycles are around 7 to 8 weeks apart. I bought 8 boxes of pasta last time thinking about 1 box a week would be enough. It was more than enough. I am really starting to accumulate a large stockpile of items I can use. I am finding clever ways to store all my items too. My pantry is full, so I had to move on to my cabinets that had a few bare spaces. My husband needs to get busy with the extra shelf I want built in the laundry room.

I went over my budget for this week once again, by $10.00. I had to find some filler items to make the Mega event work. I also went to Sprouts today. I will write about that tomorrow. I am not going to only spend $40.00 next week. I know I can do it.  I am always up for a challenge.

The register would not take two of my coupons for the yogurt, since I had an ecoupon loaded on my Kroger card. However, when I looked at my receipt the ecoupon was used for two, but the other two did not have a coupon. I could have gone to customer service and gotten $1.60 off my bill, but little face was done shopping and so was I. I am planning on using these next week. With Kroger shopping cycles it appears this sale will be going on next week too. I am crossing my fingers. I will just stock up on the things I already have and freeze the yogurt.

Also the bread guy told me the Kroger hotdog buns are going on sale this weekend for 2 for $1.00. I bought two hamburger buns instead.

Finally here is how I did:

(2) Gallons of milk $2.19 each
(1) Loaf of Bread $1.19
(2) Hamburger buns $1.00 each
(3) Old El Paso 10 count Taco Shells $1.25 each - $0.60/3 Q Old El Paso Products Printable
            -Final $1.05 each
(1) Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $0.75 – B2 Old El Paso products G1 Q seasoning Free- peelie on product
            -Final FREE
(2) Dannon Crush Cups 4 pack $2.25 each - $1/2 Kroger eQ, Mega $.50
            -Final $1.25 each
(2) Dannon Light & Fit $2.19 each – Mega $0.50 (my Q didn’t work here due to the eQ above)
            -Final $1.69 each
(2) Sunny D $1.39 – Mega $0.50
            -Final $0.89
(2) Capri Sun Juice $2.11 – Mega $0.50
            -Final $1.61
(4) Capt'n Crunch Cereal $2.49 – 4 $0.50/1 Q Box Captain Crunch doubled RP 4/17, Mega $0.50
            -Final $0.99 each
(8) Ronzoni Pastas $1.00 - 4 $1/2 Q Ronzoni Pasta Printable, Mega $0.50
(4) Kraft Cheese with Phili $3.79 – B1G1 sale, 4 $1/1 Kraft with Philadelphia Peelie
            -Final $0.89 each
(2) Tums 3 pack rolls 36 count $1.79 - $1/2 24 count or larger Q RP 3/27
            -Final $1.29 each

My overall spent was $31.29 and I saved $48.99 with coupons and Kroger MEGA savings.

My Kroger doesn’t carry the Nivea for men or they were out. I had to do add a few unexpected items to make this work, but I am prepared for next week. I didn’t know the cheese was going to be on sale until my Tuesday flyer. I had to make a few last minute adjustments to make the Mega event work. I was prepared this time. I knew what I was planning on getting and brought extra coupons to compensate for items I may not be able to get. I did realize why I don’t like to by Sunny D. The second ingredient is corn syrup. So I won’t be purchasing this in the future. Hopefully the cheese will be on sale again next week and I can really stock up on cheese.


  1. I always stock up on the pasta when it's free after coupons. The mega events are two weeks, and at my Kroger the stock is better the second week when all the crazy couponers have shelf cleared. Did you ask for a rain check on the nivea? Rain checks are great because you can use them once the stock comes in and the sale is off so no one else is buying them. I actually have converted to a binder for my coupons, since every time I used envelopes I would find something in the clearance section that I didn't bring the coupon for. Good job with your savings!!

  2. Thanks Frugal in WV! Thanks for the tip. I tried for a rain check on the BIGI Athenos hummus on sale for $1.00 on Tuesday and they said only if it is in the ad will they give a rain check at my store. The Nivea is not in my add this week. Maybe next week.

    I want to go to a binder too. I have a small accordian file I use now to carry with me right now and I am having a hard time with some matchup site lately. I know I have a coupon, but I can't find it. AUGH! Still searching for the best method.


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