Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kroger Shopping

Yeah we are back from vacation. I don’t like to post I am on vacation when I am away from my home, but I am so glad to be back. We went to Eureka Springs Arkansas. It is very interesting little mountain town. I recommend you going to visit some time. There are a ton of things to see and do. We didn’t get to do them all. Also a great workout, since there are so many hills. My calves feel it.

I want to thank Laura from Frugal Follies for joining my Blog!

When I got home I was bummed, since I thought I missed most of the good deals for the Kroger Super Saver event. However, on my last day of vacation and our 12 hour journey home I made my list. I already knew what coupons I had. (I took my printed coupons with me) I normally go to the store on Wednesday or Thursday. Sunday there are too many crowds. I was sure the .49 pasta was going to be all gone and was bracing myself for disappointment when I got to the store. I hit the pasta aisle first and was amazed there was a lot of pasta left.

Here are the 51 items I purchased for $39.73:
(2) Capri Sun Juice $1.90
(2) Keebler Crackers $1.50
(1) Kroger Potato Fries $1.91
(1) Kroger Sweet Potato Fries $1.87
(2) Eggs Kroger $1.00 a dozen
(1) Cabbage $1.28
(1) Sierra Mist $1.79
            Free with Kroger Mega Event give away
(1) Lays Potato Chips $1.99 – Q for $0.55
            Final $1.44
(2) Yakisoba – 0.99 – 2Q’s for $0.50
(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese – BOGO $3.49 Q for $1.00 off 2
            Final $1.49 each
(1) Jello Pudding Refrigerated $2.99 – eQ from Kroger $0.75 , Q for $0.75
            Final 1.49
(1) 2.48 lbs. Grapes $1.00 a pound
            Final $2.48
(1) Pantene Shampoo $3.49
            Free with Kroger Mega Event give away
(3) Kraft Philly Cooking Crème - $2.49 3Q’s for $1.50 Mega Event Savings $0.50
            Final $0.49 each – I love these
(6) Aunt Annies Mac and Cheese $.99 Mega Event Savings $0.50
            Final $0.49 each – Organic Pasta
(5) Rice a Roni Mix $1.29 Mega Event Savings $0.50
            Final $0.79 each
(1) Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Bread $2.49 Q for $0.50 doubled
            Final 1.49
(1) Land O Lakes Half and Half $2.49 eQ from Kroger $0.55, Q for $0.55
            Final $1.39
(8) Ronzoni Pasta Healthy Harvest and Smart Taste $1.19 - Mega Event Savings $0.50, 4Q’s for $1.00 off 2
            Final $0.19 each
(2) Dannonino Yogurt $1.15 2Qs for $1.00
            Final $0.15 each
(2) Oranges
            Final $0.38 each
(1) Baid aid brand $1.29 Clearance Q for $0.50 doubled
            Final $0.29
(5) Votive Candles $0.79 - - Mega Event Savings $0.50
            Final $0.29

I had to buy some juice and snacks for my daughters soccer game and I left a coupon at home for snacks. I don’t really have a good stockpile for snacks yet, so I purchased the Capri Sun and the Keebler crackers. These items were on sale this week. Kroger was out of some of the other items I wanted. In order to make 30 items for the event I used the votives and the Mac and Cheese as filler.

Overall I saved $66.21 or 62% savings and I feel my pantry is stocked.  I can really focus on Free deals and really cheap deals. I will keep you posted on what I find.

Thanks to BlueGrassSavers for helping put my list together this week. She has links to Q’s I hope to get that going sometime soon.

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