Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3/2011 Start of Something Great

I am giving this extreme couponing a try. So far I am in week four and I am doing quite well, but I know I can do better. I am still trying to work on a system that will work for me. It is a lot of organizing and planning, but I am starting to buy things we really would eat and I am getting a lot of items free I would not normally buy.

I went to Kroger this week and the register first rang up to $105.00+ with an entire cart full of food. I nearly had a heart attack. I was hoping I had enough coupons to get that total way down. I had a lot of coupons and I thought the people behind me would get angry, but everyone was smiling at how much I had saved. When I was finished and the lady said I only owed $41.23. I was so happy. 

Both me and husband are so happy to have battery toothbrushes for the first time in our entire lives and especially since they were free. I would never buy them, because they were not worth the extra money. We needed money for food. However we do have enough toothpaste for months now. But again it was free.

Now I am telling all my friends about this and they want to learn how to do it to. It is a great feeling to spend $10.00 and save over $30.00. This is about how much I save each week at CVS.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Amy. Congrats on all your sounds like you are doing great so far!

  2. I have learned by reading and rereading your posts. I have to say thank you. I found you using utube looking up extreme couponing. Thanks for getting me started!


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