Monday, March 21, 2011

CVS Shopping

Big name change today! Thanks to my husband who pointed out the obvious to me. I always compare how many pounds of food I can get to the cost of the item. This week I bought almost a pound of pasta for $0.19. I think that is a pretty good deal to get a pound of food for $0.19.

I went to CVS on Sunday with only a $1.00 ECB. Here are my results:

Transaction 1:
(1) Glide Floss $3.49 – Q for $0.75 – Used $1.00 ECB
            -Final $1.74
            -$2.50 ECB
(2) Salonpas Pain relieving patch Clearance $2.49 – 2Q’s for $3.00
            -Final Free (should have been a money maker, but my CVS doesn’t allow it)
Transaction 2:
(1) Allegra 5Count $6.99 - Q for $2.00 from Paper and ECB for $2.50
            -Final $2.49
            -$6.99 ECB for next visit

Thanks to Simply CVS for letting me know about the Salonpas coupons. I printed them last week and had them in my CVS pile for this week in hopes they would still be on sale.

So I paid $4.23 for $15.46 worth of healthcare products and I have $6.99 left to spend next time. I think this may go towards diapers. I would get diapers almost free.

I wanted to get the crest toothpaste also to make the Allegra free; however, they were out. I only brought the coupons I was planning on using instead of cutting extras just in case they were out of something. I have made this mistake in the past. I was trying to rush, since we just got back from vacation and I knew it was later in the afternoon.

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