Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walmart and Tom Thumb shopping

I was sick yesterday, but still managed to get out and get some shopping done. I needed to stock up on some fish items for lent and there were some really great sales out there. At first I was not so sure I did that well at Tom Thumb. I took my receipt with me to Wal-Mart so I could compare prices. There was only one item I could have done better on, but overall I did very well at Tom Thumb. I did stay on the couch for the rest of the evening. Little miss took care of everything for me. After 10 hours of sleep I am feeling much better today.

Here are the results of my shopping at Wal-Mart:
(5) Sea Pack Shrimp Poppers 6 oz $1.58 03-06 SS $1.00 Q off any Sea Pack item -
            Final price $0.58
(3) Dannon Danonino yogurt 6 pack $1.97 02-27 SS $1.00 Q off one item –
            Final Price $0.97
(1)   Gain Fabric Softner 51 oz $4.18 02-13RP $3.00 Q off any one item-
Final Price $1.18
(4) Philadelphia cooking crème 10oz 03-06S $1.50  Q off any one item –
            Final Price $0.98
Clearance deal I bought 4 Paperoni kits for $1.35 each for presents for birthday parties. I think this retailed for around $15.00.

I purchased two items full price ½ whole milk $1.48 and Parents Choice pull ups $8.47.

Total before coupons $43.26; after coupons $26.26 for a total savings of: 40%
This is actually way more, since I got the Paperoni items on major clearance, but I don’t know what the actual price was.

Tom Thumb Shopping -  I don’ t have where I got all the Q’s from on this one but they were mainly in Sunday Paper inserts Red Plum or Smart Source
(2)   Community coffee @ 4.99 each  Q BOGO –
Final Price $2.49 each
(4) Bertolli Pasta Sauce sale 2 for $3.00 Q for $0.75 –
            Final Price $0.75
(3) Apple and Eve Juice boxes sale price $2.79 Q for $1.00 –
            Final Price $1.79
(2) Kraft Cheese slices BOGO $3.69 each Q for $0.55 –
            Final Price $1.57
(1) Halls Cough Drops sale price 1.50 Q for $0.50 – This is doubled at Tom Thumb
            Final Price $0.50
(4) Gordons Fish Sticks $5.49 BOGO store offer  2 Q’s .50 – doubled at Tom Thumb
            Final Price $2.25 each
(1) Louisiana Fish Fry $1.79 Q for $0.55 (I think I can’t remember the Q amount for this one) –
            Final Price $1.24

Total before coupons $71.61; after coupons $28.22 for a total savings of: 61% of sale items and coupons. Store savings of $29.30 Coupon savings of $14.09.

By combining my sale items with my coupons I am saving a ton of money and stock up. I am also comparing my items to Wal-Mart to see if this is really a good deal or not. I might have an item here or there that might be a little better price, but for the most part I am really stretching my dollars for what I am spending. I am still striving to hit that 70% mark or walk out and pay nothing. That is my all time goal.

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