Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kroger Shopping 03/31/11

I had a great time yesterday sitting with my friend Natalie. I was trying to teach her what I am doing and show her how she can save money on her grocery bill. She was very excited to get started. We had a printer glitch, but I did show her how to load the e-coupons at Kroger. Very exciting to think you are saving money and what you can do with that money.

I went to Kroger today to go shopping. I needed get the free items I won during the March madness game before they expired. I had a few things I knew I needed to buy and I was going to check on some items to see if they had good prices or sales on items for coupons that were about to expire. My Kroger changed their official coupon policy to accept e-coupons with manufacturer coupons. They did this anyway just now it is official. I was so excited to hear this. I wanted a copy of their coupon policy, but they didn’t have one they could hand to me.

Here is how I did:

(1) Kroger Bread $1.00 – Sale $0.19 off
            -Final $1.00
(1) 32oz bag of carrots $1.49
(1) Bag of Kroger Tortilla chips $1.00
(1) Package of Whole Wheat Tortillas $2.49 – Sale $0.99 off
            - Final $1.50
(1) 2 lbs bag of Kroger Brown Rice $1.79 – Sale $0.54 off
            - Final $1.25 – Cheaper than Walmart
(2) Skittles Eggs $1.00 each - $2/2 M&M Mars candy printable
(2) M&M Eggs $1.00 each -  $2/2 M&M Mars candy printable
            - Final all four eggs were FREE
(2) Disney Vitamins 60 count $6.99 – BOGO, $1/1 Kroger e-Coupon, 2 $1/1 Coupons
            -Final $1.99 each
(2) Nature Made Multi Vitamins $10.99 – BOGO 2 $1/1 Coupons, Kroger home mailer
            - Final $4.50 each
(1) Franks Hot Sauce  $2.09 – Free Kroger e-coupon won in March Madness giveaway
            -Final FREE
(1) Pantene Shampoo $3.82 – Free Kroger e-coupon won in March Madness giveaway
            -Final FREE
(1) Tontino’s Pizza Rolls $1.99 -  Free Manufacture Coupon
            - Final FREE

I spent $20.22 for $57.01 worth of food.  In the picture above the right hand side of the picture is all of the items I received for free. I am starting to average above a 60% savings on every trip. I am now going into month two of savings and still trying to get my percentage higher and buying healthier and more organic when I can. I still went a little over budget this week, but I still was able to buy batteries and Vitamins and not totally blow my budget.

Let me know how you did this week? Did you find any great deals?

Happy Shopping.

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