Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tom Thumb

I have a sick one today. Little face is sick and sleeping in my bed. He was running a low grade fever yesterday. Last night it got pretty high and is still running a fever this morning. So we will not getting out today except for a trip to the doctor’s office. I slept on the couch last night, because I wanted to get up and check on him through the night. My husband is a very light sleeper and had an early flight to catch this morning. So I am drafting this beside a nice large cup of coffee. Sometimes it is nice to put an extra splash of creamer in your coffee on days like this. And sometimes it is nice to go for an extra cup of coffee too!

I ran back to Tom Thumb to get some more Sun Chips, Sierra Mist and Sobe drinks. I think I have decided I am going to keep all my Free drinks and not use them until we have a party. We really don’t drink that many soft drinks. And I won’t feel like I have to go out and buy stuff right before a party. Plus what I will be serving my guests will be FREE.

Question for those who live in the Dallas area: Where can I buy the Garden delights Ronzoni pasta? There was a coupon in the paper this weekend for the garden delights, but no one here carries it. I have gone to three stores and they carry the Healthy Harvest and Smart Taste, but no Garden delight. Please post a comment below if you know where I can get some.

Here is how I did:

(5) Sobe Energy drink $0.79 - $1.50/5 Sobe drinks Pepsico Moments 05/01/11
-Final $0.49 each
(1) Sobe Life Water $0.71 – In store promo. B5 Sobe drink G1 Sobe Lifewater
-Final FREE
(2) SunChips $2.99 - $2/2 Sun Chips Pepsico Moments 05/01/11
-Final $1.99 each
(1) Sierra Mist 2L $0.88 – B2 Sun Chips G1 Sierra mist FREE Pepsico Moments 05/01/11
-Final FREE

Before I finished this post little face woke up and is feeling better. The Tylenol is the only thing that seems to break his fever for a while. Today will be interesting to see how nap time is going to go.

There is still time to LINK UP on Friday’s post below. Leave a recipe link or share your savings for the week. I really like seeing my reader’s posts. I also like to visit and leave comments on those who link up. I have over 1500 hits a month. Soon to be 2000+.

Happy shopping and saving.

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