Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CVS Shopping

I did a lot of shopping today. Little face was ready to go this morning. I try to leave first thing in the morning when I drop my daughter off for school. Since we are out, we might as well do some shopping. I will post my other trips later this week.

It was a lot of fun. I went to CVS today. I haven’t been going there since I normally spend around $10.00 on items and I wasn’t really building my ECBs like I wanted. So I took a break for a couple of weeks and I am trying to buy things I really need or get things for free and build my ECB’s too. That means stopping when I have ECB’s in hand and not spending those on another transaction. CVS had Listerine and I have been waiting to buy some with an ECB incentive. I am glad they had one this week.

Here is how I did:

Transaction #1

(1) Stride Gum $0.99

Used $1.00 ECB from previous week
OOP $0.00
ECB $0.99

I lost one penny. I should have switched the Listerine with the Stride transaction.

Transaction #2

(1) Listerine $5.49 Sale $3.89

Used $0.50/1 Q Listerine SS 04/17/11
Used $0.99 ECB
OOP $2.40
ECB $1.00

Transaction #3

(1) Revlon nail Polish $6.29 Sale $4.99

Used $1/1 Q Revlon Top Speed SS 04/10/11
Used $1.00 ECB
OOP $3.24
ECB $4.00

Transaction #4 - #7

(1) Revlon nail Polish $6.29 Sale $4.99

Used (4) $1/1 Q Revlon Top Speed SS 04/10/11
Used $4.00 ECB
OOP $0.00
ECB $4.00

I spent $5.64 for $38.61 retail and still have $4.00 to spend next time. I also had a lot of money go towards my $5.00 for $50.00 in beauty rewards. That will be very nice to get that along with a bag tag bonus. If you do not have a green bag tag at CVS, be sure to pick one up. Every 4 times you use it you get a $1.00 ECB. That is FREE money. Scan your CVS card in the coupon machine first. I received a free bag tag coupon today even though they already knew I had one.

I am planning on using the nail polish as gifts for Christmas. I am making girly Christmas baskets filled with lotions, soaps, nail polish and whatever girly thing I can get before Christmas for my family. I know they will enjoy it.

Link up on my Friday post below. I also linkup on The Grocery Cart Challenge!

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