Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walmart Shopping

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I know we sure did. We had lots of fun in the pool with the kids on Sunday and Monday. We were so tired we needed to get back to a normal week so we could rest.

I did get to do some shopping I wanted to do, since my husband was going to be at home to watch the kids. I went to both Walmart and Tom Thumb for the awesome hot dog deals both had. I even snuck in a quick Kroger trip on Sunday. I will not need to purchase any more hot dogs for the summer. We are stocked. I won’t have to worry about the kids inviting anyone over for swim parties either. I should have enough to feed an army. I just hope they don’t get too tired of hot dogs. I will try to reserve these only for parties and special holiday occasions. The fourth of July is a little over month away. I am sure more sales will be happening then to stock up on more party supplies for the summer.

My Walmart is getting very picky on the coupons. She would not let me checkout all at one time. I had to break every set of coupons into separate transactions so no two coupons were in the same pile. Every week it is something new there. I really didn’t feel like arguing with her, but just helped her group everything and group the coupons according to each transaction. I made sure each one rang, since little face was not along for this trip. I will be listing this as one trip not each individual transaction.

Here is how I did:

(1) lb bag Black Beans $1.00
(10) Bar S hot dogs $1.00 – 3 $1/2 Q  Not sure when the Q came out, 2 $1/2 Printable
            -Final $0.50 each
(1) Best Maid Baby Dill Pickles $1.78 - $0.55/1 Q Best Maid or Del Dixie pickles RP 5/22/11
            -Final $1.23
(1) Best Maid Hamburger Pickles $1.78 - $0.55/1 Q Best Maid or Del Dixie pickles RP 5/22/11
            -Final $1.23
(4) Ivory Bar Soap $0.97 - $1/1 Ivory Bar Soap Q P&G 05/01/11
            -Final FREE + $0.03 money Maker Each
(3) Speed Stick Deodorant $0.97 – 3 $0.75/1 Q Speed Stick Deodorant SS 05/22/11
            -Final $0.22 each
(2) Mahatma Brown Rice $1.12 – 2 $0.75/1 Q Printable
            -Final $0.37 each

Altogether I spent $10.17 and saved $14.60 at Walmart. Instead of purchasing black beans by the can I make my own with the chicken stock I make from the whole chicken I bake. I then freeze them flat in bags. They taste better than the can. One bag makes around 4 bags worth of beans. I love pickles and this should be enough pickles for the year, but I might pick up a couple more jars before the coupon expires. That will definitely last me the whole year.

I don't buy things just to buy things. I do like to purchase things I like with a coupon. Some items I can purchase enough to last me an entire year. Like the pickles. I don't like to purchase things that will expire before I get the chance to use them. Chips expire quickly  That is just wasteful. I make sure I will be able to use the item before the expiration date.

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