Monday, May 23, 2011

Walgreens Shopping

It is raining here again today. While we need the rain, we do not need the hail I am now hearing hit the roof. Praying it stays small as I write this post. Hail is one of the things I am afraid of. Since it can cause a lot of monetary damage to fix everything it smacks. Roof, car, windows I just really don’t like repairing or fixing those things unless it truly needs it.

Little face has been very cute lately. His two new words for the week are shopping and coupons. How cute is that? I love it, but I am not so sure how my husband feels about it. Yes little face is talking nonstop now. Saying everything all the time. This makes it difficult to shop as you will see below.

I normally don’t shop at Walgreens. Here is why. Although they may have awesome Register Rewards incentives they are always gone by the time I get there. I decided to get there at 10:00am Sunday  hoping that would be early enough to get the deals. Again NO. Someone had gone in and cleared the shelves of the razors. So that throws my whole shopping trip off. I couldn’t figure out the deal with the Listerene, so I didn’t get that. Mainly because little face would not stop talking long enough for me to figure it out. And then to realize the coupon I needed was in Sunday’s paper this week. None of the ones I had worked. But I did get a few things I thought were a good deal.

Here is what I got:

(3) Carefree panty liners $0.99 each – Free Coupon SS 05/08/11
            -Final FREE
(4) Oscar Mayer Hotdogs 10 Count BOGO $2.99 - $1/2 Q SS 05/15/11
            -Final $0.99 each
(3) Hunts Tomato Sauce $0.99 each - $1/3 Walgreens Q in flyer
            -Final $0.33 each

Total OOP $4.95. I was hoping this would have been Free had I gotten the razors. Since I was already there and I really wanted the hotdogs, since they were a good deal. We will use these for a party this summer.

Little face was not being the most cooperative while checking out.  He took out most of the suckers by the register and was throwing them around. I was trying to get him to stop. Needless to say I didn’t use the tomato sauce coupon the first time I checked out. I ended up paying $0.99 each can. I took them back and got my money back once I realized my mistake.

How did your Sunday shopping trips go? Please share. Also join my Blog Frog community to your right. You can post anything shopping related you wish.

Happy Shopping!

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