Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tom Thumb Shopping

We had a scary night here in the Dallas area last night. The Tornado sirens were going off and we put the kids in the bathroom in the bathtub just to be safe. The first line of storms developed right over us. There was one small break in the major cells and that is what went over our house. Thanks goodness. Little face thought it is was fun to play with the flashlight and be in the bathtub with no water and pillows all around. However, little miss knew what was going on and was a little scared. She had a hard time going to sleep, but I let her sleep with the lights on and told her to get us if she needed us. All ended well.

Tornado Central:

Little face is making progress on potty training today. We have only had one Pullup used this morning and he has gone twice on the potty. Yeah. We can only hope we are moving forward with this. Pullups are eating into the budget and I am hoping he is getting it. Only time will tell.

I decided to go to Tom Thumb yesterday for the Coke deal. I kept debating if I wanted to do this or not. I decided to go ahead and get it. This was the best deal and this will last us for several weeks possibly a month or longer.


Here is how I did:

(3) Coke Zero 12 pack
(1) Regular Coke  12 pack - $5.99 each – B2G2 cokes + G2 Nabisco Wheat thins  FREE
(2) Wheat thins
            -Final $2.00 each for 4 12packs coke and two Wheat thins

(2) Gogurts $2.69 – In store Q $1.77, $0.75/2 Q , 2 $0.75/1 Cellfire eQ
            -Final $0.65 each

I forgot about the Cellfire coupon for the gogurts. The gogurt was a great buy this week. I tried to get a better deal on Cokes, but this was the best deal I could find. I could have gotten just Coke somewhere else and spent less out of pocket. But I thought the crackers were a good added bonus. Since I still had crackers from the last time I purchased Cokes at Tom Thumb.

If you didn’t purchase hotdogs at Walgreens yet, DON’T. They are on sale this week at Tom Thumb for $0.99 with in store coupon and hot dog buns are $0.89 if you live in the Dallas area. STOCK UP! I wish I would have waited.

Happy Shopping!

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