Friday, April 29, 2011

Kroger Shopping

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I was up early this morning to watch the wedding. It was 3 am my time. I got little miss up at around 4:30 when all the royalty started arriving. She was very excited and wanted to pop popcorn and watch the wedding. So that is what we did. She was out after the ring was on the finger. I stayed awake for the whole thing and I am still awake. Needless to say I am exhausted right now.


Now on to Shopping!

This week I stayed close to my family budget of $40.00. This is the last week for that small amount and I finally did it. Next week I will be back to $50.00 a week grocery budget. We will see if I can stay within budget next week. I will need to buy chicken and diapers. I find Sprouts in my area usually has the best prices on chicken. The Chicken is non hormone and it healthier for my family. Sprouts chicken sale prices on different cuts of chicken are usually under $2.00 a pound. That is my highest price I will pay for chicken. I usually purchase a whole chicken and roast it in the oven and then debone it. After that I make a chicken stock the next day with all the bones and store the stock in the freezer for when I make soups, beans or rice.

Also I hit all three stores this week within one day with little face in tow for two of them. So you can do it if you try. Please see my post from Walmart and Tom Thumb for this week to see how I did.

I had a meeting in the room above Kroger this Wednesday. Since I was there I thought I would do a little shopping. I had my list made out on Tuesday evening with the flyer that came in the mail and the sites I visit.

Here is what I purchased:

(1) Haribo Gummy Bears $1.00 – $0.30/1 Q tripled printable *STEAL*
            -Final $0.10
(1) International delight creamer pint $1.99 - $0.55/1 Q International delight pint Printable
            -Final $1.44
(2) Goldfish Graham crackers $1.00 - $0.35/1 Q tripled printable *STEAL*
            -Final FREE
(2) Kraft 2% Cheese sliced $1.79 – 2 $0.75 Q printable
            -Final $1.04
(4) Tony Pizza $1.00 - $1/2 Tony's pizza Q SS 2/13
            -Final $0.50 each

Altogether I spent $5.63 for $21.55 worth of food. I finally made it into the 73% saved category. My next goal is to get above 75%.

For the week I spent $41.77 and saved $80.18 for an overall 66% savings for the week.  How was your shopping for the week? Did you find any good deals or steals? Please share your shopping trips.

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