Friday, April 22, 2011

Tom Thumb Shopping

It’s LINK UP Friday. Here are my shopping results from Tom Thumb and my totals for the week. You can check out my Kroger trip and CVS trip earlier this week.  I didn’t have many manufacturer Q to match up for Tom Thumb; however, they did have some good sales with store Q’s I took advantage. I am also trying to establish my lowest price to pay for certain items. If you are new to couponing these are things you need to establish. I will be writing about those later next week. Check back for more tips.

Oops I forgot to take a picture.

Here are my results:

(1) lbs Strawberries $1.77
(2) Bags spinach BOGO $3.49
            -$1.75 each
(2) Lays Kettle chips $3.49 BOGO - $0.55/1 Kettle chips
            -Final $1.47 each
(3) Ocean Spray Cran drinks $2.99 – In store Q for $1.69
            -Final $1.69 each
(2) Jif Peanut Butter 18oz $2.39 – In store Q for $1.59
            -Final $1.59
(1) Glad tall kitchen bags $8.29 – In store Q for $4.99
            -Final $4.99

I spent $22.93 all together and saved $18.58 at Tom Thumb. This week with CVS, Kroger and Tom Thumb combined I saved $64.66 and spent $49.39. I went over my $40.00 this week again because I made a few impulse buys I shouldn't have.

Let me know how you did this week. Did you find any great deals or steals?

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