Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CVS Shopping

Yesterday I needed coffee. The thunderstorms rolled in at 3:00 am in the morning. Which normally would just wake up the average person, but... we purchased a weather radio several years ago that makes a louder beeping noise than an alarm clock when it goes off. You can absolutely forget about going right back to sleep after that. It scares you have to death when you hear that sound and I sit up in bed to hear what it has to say. Fearing the worst, praying for the best. I kept getting up checking outside to see what size hail we were getting. Pea, marble, golf ball, quarter….. it depends on if you are using the money scale or the ball scale. It is not official which one to use.

We had a very busy Sunday needless to say. We went to church, then Brownies after that and a pizza birthday party after that. Even though I was super busy I managed to sneak in some CVS shopping between events. I took little miss with me to show her how I do this CVS shopping thing. She was very excited to see mommy in action. Also I saw two people there trying to decide what kind of toothpaste to by. I decided this is a learning opportunity and showed them if they bought the same brand, but the one over on the other shelf they could get money back through ECB’s and buy something else. And I showed them a few more items they may want to pick up that were on sale also.

Milk was on sale this week at CVS. I am so excited about this since I have a coupon for the brand of milk they sell at CVS. So this makes it as much as it is in the store. I didn’t have a plan, since I was just going in between events. My goal was try to get the milk for free or close to free.

Here is how I did:

Transaction #1:

(1) Right Guard Soap $3.88 – Printed $3.00 ECB
(2) Gum EZ flossers $2.00 each – Printed $4.00 ECB – Missed the coupon deal for these

            -$2.50 ECB
            -$4.00 ECB

OOP    -$1.38

Transaction #2:

(3) Puffs Plus $0.87 – $0.25/3 Q for Puffs
(1) Crest Toothpaste $3.49 – Printed $2.50 ECB – $1/1 Crest Tooth Paste PG insert 4/3
(1) Glide dental floss $3.49 – Printed $2.50 ECB - $0.75/1 Glide floss PG insert 4/3

            -$4.00 ECB from previous transaction
            -$3.00 ECB from previous transaction
OOP    -$0.59

Transaction #3

(2) Milks $3.19 – 2 $1/1 Oak Farms Dairy milk
(1) Newspaper $5.00

            -$5.00 ECB from previous transaction

OOP    -$4.38

So altogether I spent $6.35 for $28.85 worth of products at CVS this week. Post a comment and tell me how you did this week. Do you have any questions ask me? Become a follower and quickly have access to see my deals as they are posted.

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