Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walmart Shopping

I went shopping at Walmart today. It was an ordeal. I could have saved more, but they would not accept my 9 Qs for the Degree deodorant for a $1.00 off each. I was purchasing the trial size and planning on using my overage to go towards my food items. I got the assitant manager and he said the item has to be the item on the picture of the Q. I debated that it did not exclude trial size on the Q I was using. He stated it was not what the manufacturer intended. I was pretty ticked off today. Degree is the only deodorant I can use. I did get some other great deals though. They were out of other products I wanted so I will have to go back. I will try another Walmart store though.

Here are my results: 

(1) Whole Wheat Bread $1.64

(2) Gallons Milk $2.19 each

(5) Bic Shavers $2.88 – 5 $3/1 Q Bic Flex 3 4 pack shaver SS 4/10
            -Final Money Maker +$0.12 each total $0.60
(4) Nivea womens body wash $3.00 – 4 $3.00/1 Q  Nivea womens body wash RP 4/17
            -Final FREE

(1) Degree womens deodorant trial size $0.97 – 1 $1/1 Degree deodorant RP 4/17
            - Final $.03 Money Maker

My total was $33.39 before coupons and $5.39 after Q’s for a savings of $28.00 or 0.84%. This percentage could have been much higher had the items been in stock and I could use my Degree coupons, since I had overages on all of them.

I also had Q's for the Nivea Mens Body wash $3.00 off, but they were sold out. And also the Reach dental floss, but they did not have the kind I wanted. So I will try to pick those up at another store.
How have you been dealing with the new Walmart coupon policy? Have you had success or failures? Share your stories and your saving.

Happy Shopping.


  1. I always shop at Walmart before the grocery store. Sometimes you just can't beat the prices, and usually you can harass them into doing what you want ;) Thanks for coming by my blog today!

  2. Thanks for posting Becky. I think I might start doing the same by shopping at Walmart first. Unfortunatly I got the assistant manager of the store that day. He was not going to budge. I prefer to go in the mornings, but I might have to go in the afternoons when it is crowded.


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