Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finals

I made one last stop at Kroger on Tuesday before the big no more double and triple coupons. I have to say that I am really disappointed in this decision by Kroger. I wish they would have limited it to either one or two can be doubled at a time rather than removing the entire program. The other really big piece that has been taken away is you can no longer use a coupon on a free item such as a B1G1 deal. This was very helpful for vitamins. I found some really good deals on children’s and adult vitamins.

Kroger has been putting some very high value coupons on the eCoupons site. You may want to go and check them out, if you are going to still shop at Kroger.

With all that said I did pretty well in my shopping this week. Here is the breakdown by store:

Walmart 09/09/11

(1) Huggies Flushable Moist wipes $1.64 - $1/1
            -Final $0.64
(1) Speed stick Deodorant $0.97 - $0.75/1 Catalina
            -Final $0.22
(4) Cascade 3 count Paks $0.97 – 4 $1/1 Any Cascade P&G
            -Final FREE +$0.03 Money Maker
(1) Lamasil Foot Spray $5.97 - $3/1 Any Lamasil Product
            -Final $2.97

I paid $3.71 and saved $8.75 on $12.46 retail worth of products. The Lamasil is a great deal.

CVS 09/11/11

(1) Fruit Newtons $2.50
(1) Irish Spring $2.99
(2) Herbal Essence $2.99 each
(1) Huggies Pull Up $8.99
(1) CVS Allergy 5 count


$2.50 – FREE Fruit Newton print from Kiosk
$5/25 – Coupon loaded onto card
2 $1/1 Herbal Essence Conditioners
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers
$1 ECB
$1 ECB
$3 ECB
$7 ECB

I paid $2.72 for all the products listed above and saved $23 on $25.72 items retail.

$2 ECB – Irish Spring
$3.69 ECB – Allergy Medicine
$2.00 ECB – Herbal Essence
$1 ECB – Huggies

I had a great time shopping at CVS. I went in only to pick up my papers this Sunday. I decided to go to the Kiosk to print out my coupons to see what it was printing this week. To my surprise my $5/$25 was good until Tuesday and I got FREE Fruit Newtons. I thought the $5/$25 had expired. I was so glad I brought my binder with me. I really scored today at CVS.

Walmart 09/13/11

(1) GV Soy Sauce $1.64
(1) Nutella $3.18 - $1/1 Nutella Printable
            -Final $2.18
(4) Planters Peanut butter $1.98 - $.75/1 Planters Peanut Butter
            -Final $1.23 each
(1) Benadryl Stick $2.28 - $2/1 Benedryl product Peelie
            -Final $0.28
(1) Whonu Cookies $2.78 - $1/1 Whonu cookies
            -Final $1.78
(1) Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.49 – Price Matched to Albertsons $0.50/1 All You
            -Final $0.99
(4) Velveeta Nacho Skillet $0.99 each – Price Matched to Albertsons, $1/1 Velveeta
            -Final FREE

I spent $11.75 and saved $11.50 on $23.25 at Walmart. This is the first time I have tried the price match. It went really smooth. Albertson’s has better prices than Tom Thumb and Kroger. So I may be doing more Walmart price match shopping soon. I needed Soy Sauce and the coupon I had for Kikkoman did not make this cheaper than the Walmart brand.

Last Double and Triple Coupons at Kroger 09/13/11

(2) Yoplait 2 lbs $2.69 each – 2 $0.50 doubled
            -Final $1.69 each
(1) Ronzoni Pasta Garden Delight $1.00 - $1/1 Garden Delight Morning star Booklet
            -Final FREE
(4) Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls 5 count $1.00 – 4 $0.30/1 Tripled
            -Final $0.10 each
(4) Huggies Baby Wipes $1.99 each – 4 $0.50/1 Doubled
            -Final $0.99 each
(2) Disney Vitamins $6.99 B1G1 - $2/1 Disney Vitamins Printable
            -Final $2.50 each
(6) Pilsbury Crescent Rolls 4 pack $1.00 – 3 $0.40 each doubled
            -Final $0.60 each
(2) Fliechmans Yeast $1.59 each – 2 $0.40/1 doubled Printable
            -Final $0.79 each
(2) Chef Boyardee $1.00 each  - $0.50/2 doubled ALL YOU
            -Final $0.50 each
(2) Land of Frost Lunch Meat $2.50 each - $0.55/1
            -Final $1.95 each
(1) Jennie –O Turkey Bacon $2.50
(2) Frenchs Onions $2.07 - $0.50/1 Any French’s Onions
            -Final $1.07 – Walmart is a better deal
(1) Pull up Baby Wipes dispenser $2.79 - $2/1 Huggies coupon Mailed
            -Final $0.79
(1) Welchs jelly $1.99 - $0.35 tripled Welchs Jelly
            -Final $0.94
(1) Minute Maid Juice $3.50 - $1/1 Coupon Printable
            -Final $2.50 Cheaper at Walmart
(5) Hunts Snack pack Pudding $1.00 – 1 $0.50/2 doubled All You, 1 $0.45/3 doubled
            -Final $0.62 each average

I spent $35.01 and saved $46.42 on $81.43 worth of retail groceries at my final double and triple coupon shop. It was later that I realized I used the Land of Frost coupons incorrectly. The coupon states it is for the Premium 1 lb size. I didn’t know this until I got home and I was going to tell a friend about it. I pulled my coupon and it was for the incorrect item. I try to use my coupons responsibly and do not intentionally try to use fraud. This was an error on my part. Sometime I just get excited to see I have a match for something I don’t always read exactly what the coupon says.

At Sprouts I spent $5.04 and used one coupon for eggs $0.55. If I have some time I will post this later tonight.

This week I spent $58.23 and saved $90.22 on $147.90 retail. How did you do this week? What are your thoughts on Kroger changing their coupon policy so drastically?


  1. Kroger is not the only one to change their policy! Many think it is because of the show "Extreme Couponing"... I wrote a post about it today!

  2. I read your article. I am not for the show Extreme Couponing either. I really don't think you need to purchase more of an item than you have people in your home in order to prevent shelf clearing. The only time I clear a shelf is when there are only 3 or 4 items left and I have coupons for those.


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