Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips for Tuesday

I really love food and finding new and interesting ways to make creative dishes. Starting tomorrow I will be hosting a recipe swap on Wednesdays. I try to use things from my stockpile and things that are on sale for that week. Stop by tomorrow if you have a great recipe to share.

I have purchased a lot of cleaners, since they were on sale. I have a nice stockpile. However, I have decided I would really like to spend that money on food instead of things I am using just to wipe things off with. Food is always better. I have been researching how to make your own cleaning supplies. I posted about making your own laundry soap here and your own fabric softner here.

Today I am going to provide you with a recipe for Glass cleaner aka Windex.


1 cup vinegar – I usually get this on sale and a coupon
2 cups Warm Water
1 spray bottle

Mix the first two ingredients and pour inside spray bottle. This is also great if you have run out of cleaner and there is no sale or coupon out and you need some more. You will save around 97% compared to the purchased brand name. Unless you can find it for FREE. I always like FREE. Who doesn’t.

Do you have any tips to save money? What about cleaning something that is difficult? Or any money saving tips you may have. Just Link UP below to share any informative posts you have.

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