Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Finals - Kroger Mega Event, Tom Thumb, CVS

Wow we had a great Link party last week with 34 entries. The most ever here at Pounds4Pennies. Tell everyone one where you linkup your savings, so they can learn how to save too! Here are the top three visited sites from last week, visit them for inspiration on savings:

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CVS 02/06/12

3 Sauve Body Wash 2.00 each
2 Sauve Lotion $3.00 each

B2G1 Suave Body Wash coupon – Took off $3.00 at registar
1.50 /2 Suave Lotion
$5.00 ECB

$4.00 for spending $12 in Suave products

OOP: $2.50

I spent $2.50 and saved $9.50 in healthcare this week.

Tom Thumb 02/07/12

1 Hunts Ketchup $1.99 – We are almost out.
6 Wolf Brand Chili $0.99 - $0.75/3 Wolf Brand Chili  SS 1/22/12
            -Final $0.74
2 Quaker Oatmeal B1G1 $3.39 – My printer wouldn’t Print the coupon
            -Final $1.70 each
4 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juices B2G1 $2.50 – B1G1 Cherry Juice printable
            -Final $1.25 each
1 CafĂ© Du Monde Beignet Mix Clearance ½ off - $1.99
3 Cans Rosarita Refried Beans $1.00 - $0.50/3 Rosarita Refried Beans SS 01/22/12
            -Final $0.66 each
2 Mezzetta Peppers B1G1 $2.79 – I had a $1/2 coupon, but I missed handing it to the cashier.
            -Final 1.40
2 Mission Tortillas $0.99 – Store coupons (she forgot to ring one, so I got my $1 back)
2 Bear Creek Soups B1G1 $4.49 - $1/1 Bear Creek soup SS 10/23/11
            -Final $1.75 each
2 Aluminum Foil B1G1 $1.49
            -Final $0.75
3 Yogurts Clearance $0.32 each
2 Gogurts $1.75 each - $0.75/2 Gogurt GM 02/05/12 
            -Final $1.37 each
9 POM juice $0.99 each – 9 $1/1 Pom Juice coupons – I did not clear the shelves. There were plenty left for others. SS 12/04/11, SS 01/08/12
            -Final FREE – I LOVE FREE

I spent $32.59 and saved $53.38 on $85.97 worth of food and necessary items this trip. If you like Chili dogs in the summer, you need to stock up on chili now.  Chili will be $2.00 and I just got it for $0.74. My husband is from New Orleans and it is Mardi Gras season, so we are going to celebrate by making some Beignets this weekend. His Mom sent us the King cake yesterday. YUM.

Kroger Mega Event 02/07/12
MEI – Mega Event Item – Take and additional $0.50 off each time

1 Kroger Shredded Cheese $1.67
3 Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers $1.49 – MEI
            -Final $0.99 each
1 Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon $2.49 – MEI
            -Final $1.99 – Stock up Price
2 Velveeta $5.99 – MEI $1/1 Velveeta 2lb cheese peelie
            -Final $4.49 each
2 Milks $2.38 each
1 6 pack Strawberry Yogurt Clearance $0.99 each
1 Kraft Easy Mac $0.98 – MEI
            -Final $0.48
2 Helava Good Dip $1.49 – MEI, 2 $0.75/1 Helava Good Dip SS 01/22/12
            -Final $0.25 each
1 Whole Wheat Tortilla $1.89
3 Hunts Tomatoes $0.98 – MEI, $0.45/3 Hunts Tomatoes SS 01/22/11
            -Final $0.33 each
2 Edge Shaving Gel $1.99 each – MEI, 2 $0.55/1 Printable
            -Final $0.94 each
4 Moms Cereal $1.49 each – MEI
            -Final $0.99 – Organic Cereal
2 Garden of Eatin’ Chips $2.19 – MEI, $1/2 Garden of Eatin’ Chips SS 01/22/12
            -Final $1.19 each

I spent $36.04 and saved $33.56 on $69.60 worth of groceries this trip. Velveeta is not on the healthy diet plan, but it is so good. This is my all time favorite food. I think it will pair nicely with the organic corn chips I bought. That makes it healthy, right?

Altogether I spent $71.13 and saved $96.44 on $167.57 worth of food and healthcare items. 

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