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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips 4 Tuesday - Why I Never Shopped at Walgreens. Until TODAY!

One thing you have to realize when you are first starting to coupon is you can’t always get all the deals all the time. There are just too many stores and the amount of gas you would use would offset the saving you were getting anyway. That is mainly why I never shopped at Walgreens. It was too far away for me to justify making a trip out that way to get just a few items each week. Even if it was FREE. Since most of the time the FREE item was gone off the shelf by the time I got there. So all I did was waste gas and drive around for nothing. I spent time planning my scenarios, gathering my coupons. Instead of being excited about the awesome deals I was about to get, all I got was disappointment. This was not worth my time, gas or energy. I did this on several occasions. I vowed I would not go to Walgreens anymore.

Until now! I just realized that there is a Walgreens close to my son’s preschool, since this is on my way and I won't waste any gas money. I thought to myself “How can I now add Walgreens into my shopping rotation?” I stopped by there today, and the cashiers were so much nicer than the Walgreens closest one to my house. Someone in the aisle even asked if I needed help. They even had a ton of the sale items still in stock, and it was Tuesday. I was very impressed and I will go back to this store.

My new plan of savings is to hit Walgreens and CVS on Tuesdays. Then do my grocery shopping at Tom Thumb, Kroger and Sprouts on Thursdays. This way I will not waste any gas, since all of these are on the way home from my son’s daycare. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the closest to when the new sales cycles start for those stores. Woo Hoo more savings!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Walgreens Shopping

It is raining here again today. While we need the rain, we do not need the hail I am now hearing hit the roof. Praying it stays small as I write this post. Hail is one of the things I am afraid of. Since it can cause a lot of monetary damage to fix everything it smacks. Roof, car, windows I just really don’t like repairing or fixing those things unless it truly needs it.

Little face has been very cute lately. His two new words for the week are shopping and coupons. How cute is that? I love it, but I am not so sure how my husband feels about it. Yes little face is talking nonstop now. Saying everything all the time. This makes it difficult to shop as you will see below.

I normally don’t shop at Walgreens. Here is why. Although they may have awesome Register Rewards incentives they are always gone by the time I get there. I decided to get there at 10:00am Sunday  hoping that would be early enough to get the deals. Again NO. Someone had gone in and cleared the shelves of the razors. So that throws my whole shopping trip off. I couldn’t figure out the deal with the Listerene, so I didn’t get that. Mainly because little face would not stop talking long enough for me to figure it out. And then to realize the coupon I needed was in Sunday’s paper this week. None of the ones I had worked. But I did get a few things I thought were a good deal.

Here is what I got:
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