Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kroger Shopping

I found a few unadvertised deals at Kroger today

-Haribo Gummies $1.00 - $0.30 Printable Q

-Ronzoni pasta is $1.00 I think the coupons will reset on 07/01/11 to get it for $1/2 again.

-Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta is $1.00 and Morning Star Coupon booklet pictured below. SS 05/15/11

Both the pastas had good until 07/25/11 on the price tag. So this is going to be going on for a while.

I found the hand baked bread with stone ground wheat about to expire near a section by the refrigerated area for only $1.00. This is normally marked $3.99 a loaf. I purchased the ones with whole grain stone ground wheat and no bleached white flour. I am freezing these and using them to toast or just use a few slices at a time. So keep an eye out for these. They are heartier and heavier than the normal bread Kroger sells.

Stop back by on Friday to link up any Shopping trips you may have.


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  2. Hi! To help you find the popsicle molds at WalMart, they were one of those things in the aisles that hang on their own. I think it was at the end of an aisle, not completely sure. Hope that helps at least a little bit!!! They are very small.

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