Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

It is with sadness I write today. I have lost my dog of 11 years to tumors throughout his body. We decided to end his suffering today. I am not one who gets really attached to animals, but this little guy really touched my heart. I still remember the day we picked him out at the shelter. At first he seemed a little boring, until you got him out of the kennel. Then he was a ball of energy. Super hyper and great. He was an Australian Sheppard mix. We love and miss you Scotty.

Before I found out about Scotty’s condition yesterday I was cleaning house. My little one is absolutely terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I usually try to get him out of the house when I vacuum. I got a wonderful idea from a fellow bloggers post. Have them paint the fence with water. This was great. They had a cup and got two paintbrushes and painted the fence with water. You don’t have to worry about any clean up and they can get it all over themselves and it dries. As it dried they painted over it again. Who do you think enjoyed it more? The 9 year old. She was discovering all new painting techniques. I nearly couldn’t get her back in the house. The two year old had a great time too.

 I also wanted to share with you a few sites I visit to make some extra money. You will not become a millionaire, but a few dollars here and there helps with the budget. I use Swagbucks to earn points that can be used to purchase online gift cards. I like to earn the Amazon gift card and use it to purchase coffee at Amazon. If you sign up you will get 80 bucks for signing up. You can take daily polls for 1 buck and visit the survey page. You can also win bucks by using their site to search for things. There are many other ways to earn bucks for things. Stop by and check them out.

I also use is Inbox Dollars. You will receive emails in your inbox. Then you can click on the surveys or emails and receive money in your account. You can then request a check and have it sent to your house. This is very easy to do. You will receive $5.00 for signing up with them.

I usually visit these sites daily to get the incentives. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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