Monday, September 26, 2011

Money saving Monday

I had a really great relaxing weekend. We went and fed the ducks at our local pond and enjoyed a fabulous sunset. Then on Sunday my husband smoked a brisket using my dad’s recipe. It turned out awesome. Just about as good as dad used to make. This was my husband’s best brisket yet. I think he is really getting the hang of this bar b cueing thing down. I am looking forward to it. Yum Yum. As you can see little face enjoyed helping daddy cook too!

I wanted to share something with you I have been thinking about for a while now. Do you want to find more deals? Be sure to LIKE Pounds4Pennies on Facebook and also join my BlogFrog community. I will be updating these from time to time with great finds and steals and deals I find at the stores. Or I will be giving some advice where to find really good coupons or posting deal scenarios I find. I don’t want to fill up my blog with a bunch of posts of single deals all day long. There are enough of those blogs out there already. I have been trying to find a way to share these great finds with you, so I decided I would use these tools to do so. I didn’t want to start another blog with just deals. I really like to take the weekends off and it looks like you have to stay on top of all that on the weekends too. 

As always, happy shopping! I am here to help you save more money.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Finals

It is starting to feel like Fall here in Texas. Thank goodness. I am tired of the heat. We have had the house open for two days now. It feels great. Hopefully this will cut down on the electric bill to help pay for Aug. Whew that bill was a high one.

Yeah it is Friday Finals time again. It is time to share your savings with everyone else. Let’s see how we did this week and see who got some of the best deals.

With the Kroger Mega event going on and no doubling and tripling, I still managed to get some awesome deals this week. I even had some great eCoupons too! However, I have not won a single thing on the game Kroger is playing on line. Bummer. I normally win something. I have been playing every day and different times of the day to try to win. Still nothing. Now on to shopping.

Kroger 09/20/11:
MEI= Mega Event Item -$0.50 off the price

1 Birdseye Frozen Veg $1.49 – MEI, $1/1 Birds Eye WYB Van de Kamps Fish Product Printable NLA
            -Final FREE
1 Van de Kamps Fish Sticks $6.19 - $2/1 Kroger eCoupon
            -Final $4.19
5 Velveeta Cups $1.00 – MEI, $1/5 Velveeta Cups Tear Pad in store a long time ago
            -Final $0.30 each
4 Marzetti Salad Dressing $2.49 – 4 $2/1 Marzetti Salad Dressing RP 09/11/11
            -Final $0.49 each
4 Carnation Evaporated Milk $1.29 – MEI, 2 $0.50/2 Printable
            -Final $0.54 each
2 Nestle La Lechera sweetened condensed Milk $1.49 – MEI
            -Final $0.99 each
2 Fruitables Juice Boxes $2.99 – MEI, $1/1 SS 09/18/11
            -Final $1.49 each
1 Tape $0.69
2 Ozarka Water $1.09 – MEI
            -Final $0.59 each
3 Kroger canned Tuna $0.69 - $0.40/2 Kroger eCoupon
            -Final $0.56 each (I should have bought just two)
2 Driscoll Raspberries $1.25
            -Final $1.25 each
4 Libby’s Corn $0.80 - $1/4 RP 08/28/11 – ($0.75 at Walmart)
            -Final $0.55 each
1 Loaf Bread $1.00 – Discount area

I spent $24.19 and saved $41.95 on $66.14 retail. I am going back next week to grab some more savings on items that normally don’t go on sale. Such as the sweetened condensed Milk, Fruitables I have more coupons and maybe some more salad dressing.

Sprouts had an AWESOME sale on Bulk items this week. It was 25% across the board on all bulk items. There are some things that just don’t go on sale except for this sale. I decided to splurge a little and stock up on some baking staples I wanted for muffins and snacks and not have to buy the retail versions. I could buy just what I wanted and it was on sale. They also have this great section with spices in bags they sell for $1.25 per bag. Each bag is about what you get in a bottle. Sometimes way more and sometimes a little less, but the prices are way better. I get these and open them up and place them in my bottles for storage. It is a great deal.

Sprouts 09/18/11 - No PIC available

BULK ITEMS – 25% off every price listed

0.48 lbs Chocolate chips @ $2.99/lb - $1.44
0.85 lbs Whole Wheat Pastry Flour @ $0.67/lb - $0.57
0.50 lbs Wheat Bran @ $0.52/lb - $0.26 WOW! You cannot pay that price at the store
0.05 lbs Cardamom @$53.88/lb - $2.69 – to make Indian dishes
0.53 lbs Sunflower seeds @ $2.02/lb - $1.07
0.55 lbs Oat Bran @  $1.12 - $0.62
1.05 lbs Multi Grain Pancake mix @ $2.09/lb - $2.19
0.90 lbs Chili Peanuts @ $1.87/lb - $1.68
0.49 lbs Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) @ $4.49/lb - $2.20

1 Curry Powder - $1.25
1 Ginger - $1.25
1 Tumeric - $1.25

1 lb baby Carrots $0.99 – Snacking for my husband at work
2 lbs Carrots $1.49 – For cooking
1 Celery $0.88
2.82 lbs Zucchini @ $0.88/lb - $2.48
2.60 lbs Onions @ $0.49/lb - $1.27
1 carton Grape Tomatoes $2.50 – dehydrated these for sun dried tomatoes
2.20 lbs Red Grapes @ $0.77lb - $1.69
0.78 lbs Roma Tomatoes @ $0.88/lb - $0.69

I spent $28.46 at Sprouts. I saved more than if I would have purchased these at a retail chain. I probably saved around half. I can’t wait for the next bulk sale!


I can’t find my receipt for CVS. This is close to what I spent.

1 Scott Paper Towels $5.99
2 Bengay Cream $5.49 each - rain check
$1.00 ECB
$1/1 Scott RP 09/11/11
2 $5/1 Bengay Cream SS 09/11/11

Paid around $4.97 and saved $12.00 on $16.97 worth of retail product.

I also went to Kroger before the Mega sale for a few essentials:

2 Gallons milk $2.39 each
1 Pack K-cups discounted $3.99
2 Loaves Bread $1.00 each
1 Sunscreen discounted $2.00 exp 2013 Awesome deal!

I paid $12.94 and saved more than receipt showed since most items had a manager special tag.

This week I spent $70.56 and saved $53.95 plus more since some items were on sale and I didn’t have time to do all the math on each item. I also picked up a lot of great deals not reflected in my receipts as savings.

How did you do this week? What were your great finds? Please share with others below and LINK UP your savings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whatever Wednesday - Biscuit Empanadas

Now on to food. It is out of necessity we create or invent. I am not sure if that is a quote, but it is something I am saying now. I have been getting tired of eating the same thing. I really wanted empanadas, but I didn’t have any pie crust. And I was just too lazy to make some. So the mother of invention stepped in and I looked at my fridge. I had taco meat, cheese and biscuits bought on sale and BOOM! Biscuit empanadas were born. We have had this twice. It has gone over well both times. I have been telling my friends and they are willing to try it too.  You can get biscuit coupons here.

Biscuit Empanadas

1 Can 8 count Biscuits
1 lb. Browned Ground Meat with taco seasoning
1 Cup Cheese
1 Cup Onion (Optional)

1. Open Biscuits and take a rolling pin and flatten out each of the 8 biscuits into about a 6-8 inch circle. Using flour for dusting so they won’t stick.

2. When all are rolled out, take about 1 ½ tablespoons of Browned Taco Meat and place in the center. Then top with Cheese. Fold the dough over and seal with a little water and a fork. 

3. Bake in the oven per instructions for the biscuit empanadas. Super simple and very delicious.

Do you have a recipe you would like to share? Please leave a link below.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips for Tuesday

I really love food and finding new and interesting ways to make creative dishes. Starting tomorrow I will be hosting a recipe swap on Wednesdays. I try to use things from my stockpile and things that are on sale for that week. Stop by tomorrow if you have a great recipe to share.

I have purchased a lot of cleaners, since they were on sale. I have a nice stockpile. However, I have decided I would really like to spend that money on food instead of things I am using just to wipe things off with. Food is always better. I have been researching how to make your own cleaning supplies. I posted about making your own laundry soap here and your own fabric softner here.

Today I am going to provide you with a recipe for Glass cleaner aka Windex.


1 cup vinegar – I usually get this on sale and a coupon
2 cups Warm Water
1 spray bottle

Mix the first two ingredients and pour inside spray bottle. This is also great if you have run out of cleaner and there is no sale or coupon out and you need some more. You will save around 97% compared to the purchased brand name. Unless you can find it for FREE. I always like FREE. Who doesn’t.

Do you have any tips to save money? What about cleaning something that is difficult? Or any money saving tips you may have. Just Link UP below to share any informative posts you have.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finals

I made one last stop at Kroger on Tuesday before the big no more double and triple coupons. I have to say that I am really disappointed in this decision by Kroger. I wish they would have limited it to either one or two can be doubled at a time rather than removing the entire program. The other really big piece that has been taken away is you can no longer use a coupon on a free item such as a B1G1 deal. This was very helpful for vitamins. I found some really good deals on children’s and adult vitamins.

Kroger has been putting some very high value coupons on the eCoupons site. You may want to go and check them out, if you are going to still shop at Kroger.

With all that said I did pretty well in my shopping this week. Here is the breakdown by store:

Walmart 09/09/11

(1) Huggies Flushable Moist wipes $1.64 - $1/1
            -Final $0.64
(1) Speed stick Deodorant $0.97 - $0.75/1 Catalina
            -Final $0.22
(4) Cascade 3 count Paks $0.97 – 4 $1/1 Any Cascade P&G
            -Final FREE +$0.03 Money Maker
(1) Lamasil Foot Spray $5.97 - $3/1 Any Lamasil Product
            -Final $2.97

I paid $3.71 and saved $8.75 on $12.46 retail worth of products. The Lamasil is a great deal.

CVS 09/11/11

(1) Fruit Newtons $2.50
(1) Irish Spring $2.99
(2) Herbal Essence $2.99 each
(1) Huggies Pull Up $8.99
(1) CVS Allergy 5 count


$2.50 – FREE Fruit Newton print from Kiosk
$5/25 – Coupon loaded onto card
2 $1/1 Herbal Essence Conditioners
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers
$1 ECB
$1 ECB
$3 ECB
$7 ECB

I paid $2.72 for all the products listed above and saved $23 on $25.72 items retail.

$2 ECB – Irish Spring
$3.69 ECB – Allergy Medicine
$2.00 ECB – Herbal Essence
$1 ECB – Huggies

I had a great time shopping at CVS. I went in only to pick up my papers this Sunday. I decided to go to the Kiosk to print out my coupons to see what it was printing this week. To my surprise my $5/$25 was good until Tuesday and I got FREE Fruit Newtons. I thought the $5/$25 had expired. I was so glad I brought my binder with me. I really scored today at CVS.

Walmart 09/13/11

(1) GV Soy Sauce $1.64
(1) Nutella $3.18 - $1/1 Nutella Printable
            -Final $2.18
(4) Planters Peanut butter $1.98 - $.75/1 Planters Peanut Butter
            -Final $1.23 each
(1) Benadryl Stick $2.28 - $2/1 Benedryl product Peelie
            -Final $0.28
(1) Whonu Cookies $2.78 - $1/1 Whonu cookies
            -Final $1.78
(1) Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.49 – Price Matched to Albertsons $0.50/1 All You
            -Final $0.99
(4) Velveeta Nacho Skillet $0.99 each – Price Matched to Albertsons, $1/1 Velveeta
            -Final FREE

I spent $11.75 and saved $11.50 on $23.25 at Walmart. This is the first time I have tried the price match. It went really smooth. Albertson’s has better prices than Tom Thumb and Kroger. So I may be doing more Walmart price match shopping soon. I needed Soy Sauce and the coupon I had for Kikkoman did not make this cheaper than the Walmart brand.

Last Double and Triple Coupons at Kroger 09/13/11

(2) Yoplait 2 lbs $2.69 each – 2 $0.50 doubled
            -Final $1.69 each
(1) Ronzoni Pasta Garden Delight $1.00 - $1/1 Garden Delight Morning star Booklet
            -Final FREE
(4) Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls 5 count $1.00 – 4 $0.30/1 Tripled
            -Final $0.10 each
(4) Huggies Baby Wipes $1.99 each – 4 $0.50/1 Doubled
            -Final $0.99 each
(2) Disney Vitamins $6.99 B1G1 - $2/1 Disney Vitamins Printable
            -Final $2.50 each
(6) Pilsbury Crescent Rolls 4 pack $1.00 – 3 $0.40 each doubled
            -Final $0.60 each
(2) Fliechmans Yeast $1.59 each – 2 $0.40/1 doubled Printable
            -Final $0.79 each
(2) Chef Boyardee $1.00 each  - $0.50/2 doubled ALL YOU
            -Final $0.50 each
(2) Land of Frost Lunch Meat $2.50 each - $0.55/1
            -Final $1.95 each
(1) Jennie –O Turkey Bacon $2.50
(2) Frenchs Onions $2.07 - $0.50/1 Any French’s Onions
            -Final $1.07 – Walmart is a better deal
(1) Pull up Baby Wipes dispenser $2.79 - $2/1 Huggies coupon Mailed
            -Final $0.79
(1) Welchs jelly $1.99 - $0.35 tripled Welchs Jelly
            -Final $0.94
(1) Minute Maid Juice $3.50 - $1/1 Coupon Printable
            -Final $2.50 Cheaper at Walmart
(5) Hunts Snack pack Pudding $1.00 – 1 $0.50/2 doubled All You, 1 $0.45/3 doubled
            -Final $0.62 each average

I spent $35.01 and saved $46.42 on $81.43 worth of retail groceries at my final double and triple coupon shop. It was later that I realized I used the Land of Frost coupons incorrectly. The coupon states it is for the Premium 1 lb size. I didn’t know this until I got home and I was going to tell a friend about it. I pulled my coupon and it was for the incorrect item. I try to use my coupons responsibly and do not intentionally try to use fraud. This was an error on my part. Sometime I just get excited to see I have a match for something I don’t always read exactly what the coupon says.

At Sprouts I spent $5.04 and used one coupon for eggs $0.55. If I have some time I will post this later tonight.

This week I spent $58.23 and saved $90.22 on $147.90 retail. How did you do this week? What are your thoughts on Kroger changing their coupon policy so drastically?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Do you ever wonder how the pioneer women did it all? I mean I have a vacuum; I don't have to beat the rug. I don't have to make the rug to be able to beat it. I even have a small electric sweeper. The pioneer women, if they had a wooden floor had a broom to sweep.

Cooking involved getting the food and preparing it from scratch. Like going to get the still clucking chicken and cleaning it for a meal. Then she would have to start a fire in the stove and get it to the right temperature. Then cooking and preparing the meal then clean up.

I have running water in my house and don't have to go to the well to pump it to wash dishes, take a bath or get some to drink.

I have a dishwasher that cleans my dishes sparkling clean with the press of a button. The pioneer women washed everything by hand and dried it and put it away. They normally had only one set of dishes for the family, so the dishes must be cleaned after every meal.

I do have a bathroom to clean, which I am very thankful for considering what the option was for the pioneer women. But I do have to clean it.

Doing laundry involved scrubbing each piece on a washboard in a tub of water. Granted you did not change your clothes as often as we do today. If so,  I think I would spend 40 hours a week just on laundry.

And she did all this while three or four small children running around with no TV, or computer, and very little toys for the children.

It just goes to show you how thankful for all the inventions we have to help us. Think about it. What would be hard for you to do without?

*Photo The Prairie Is My Garden Painting by Harvey Dunn. Image taken from Laura Ingalls Wilder Country: The People and Places in Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and Books, by William Anderson

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips for Tuesday

My husband thinks I am not organized at all. However, I feel I don't have all the tools to help me get organized and stay organized.

One of the things that helped make this theory more concrete for me, is when we purchased our fabulous bookshelves in the kids playroom. Everything is now picked up and off the floor. All of this stuff in the bookshelf was lining the walls of the play room. It was aweful. I wish I had taken a before picture. I just love going in there now.  We even created little stations for the kids to play. Now I just need to paint this room.

The other day the kids got a lot of toys out to play with. It was so easy to pick them up because we knew where everything went. When we were done it looked just as fabulous. It has looked like this for almost a month. It is so nice to go in there and not have all that STUFF on the ground.

 My next project is to organize my closet under the stairs. This is where I keep my birthday bags and tissue paper for presents and a few other items. It is a weird space, but I know if I put a large chest with some drawers in the back and the rest was lined with shelves I could organize everything in there. Plus have room to store more things like food!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Finals

If you would like the chance to enter to win $5,200 in free groceries for a year click here and enter your information for a chance to win. I don’t know about you, but that would help me tremendously.

I also heard the dreaded news that as of 09/14/11 Kroger will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons. Most of the coupons I use are not doubled, but I know there will be a few products I will no longer purchase if they do not lower the price on these items. Plus I love getting things for free, this may not happen as frequently as it did before.

I went shopping at Kroger on 09/02/11 since I won $0.50 off on Cellfire for logging in and going to their site on Thursday. The coupon had to be used before the end of the weekend. We were going out of town last weekend and I wanted this trip to count towards this weeks totals. I didn't take a pic, but they pictured in my finals at the end.

(4) Mom’s Cereals $1.50 each
(1) Watch battery $1.59
(1) Loaf of bread Discount Rack $1.00
(3) Minute Maid Frozen treats $1.00 - $.50/1 coupon doubled RP 07/24/11
            -Final FREE

I spent $8.18 and saved $10.83 on $19.01 worth of products retail. I thought I had a coupon for the watch battery, but it had expired. I realized this right before I handed it to the cashier. I could have paid only $0.59, since I had a $1/1 coupon. There were only 3 Minute Maids left and I had four coupons. I did take them all. I usually never buy more than four of an item. It doesn’t fit my budget and four will usually make us through to the next sale.

 CVS 09/06/11

(1) Milkyway Bar $1.19
(1) Carefree Pantyliners 20 count
(2) Huggies Pull ups $7.99 each
(1) Physicians Formula Powder $13.99

$0.50/1 Carefree SS 08/21/11
2 $1.50/1 Huggies diapers SS 08/14/11
$1/1 Physicians formula SS 06/12/11
$0.79 for Free Milky way CVS Coupon printed
$6.00 ECBs
$2.00 ECBs

$7.00 ECBs for Physician formula
$1.00 ECB for Carefree liners
$1.00 ECB bag tag

I spent $18.87 and saved $13.29 on $32.16 worth of merchandise. I really shouldn’t have purchased the Physicians formula, but I really like this makeup. I was a small splurge for me. This one purchase was over my toiletries limit for the week. I usually allow $5.00 for healthcare and beauty needs.

I went back to Kroger for a few items this week 09/08/11

2.09lbs Black Grapes @ 1/lbs - $2.09
(2) Gallons Milk $2.39
(2) Pepperoni $1.79 marked down
(1) Sour Cream $1.25
(2) Minute Maid Juice Boxes $3.50 - 2 $1/1 Minute Maid Juice boxes Printable
            -Final $2.50
(6) Yoplait Yogurts $0.60 - $0.40/6 doubled Yoplait Single Cup Yogurt Printable
            -Final $0.47 each
(2) Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls 5 count $1.00 - $0.50/2 doubled Printable
            -Final $0.50 each
(2) Pilbury Grands Biscuits 5 count $1.00 - $0.30/2 tripled Printable
            -Final $0.55

I spent $21.60 and saved $12.27 on $33.87 worth of groceries. My actual savings is higher since the pepperoni was much higher. I just listed the discounted price.

I went to Sprouts since they had great deals on bulk items this week 09/08/11

0.92 lbs Granola @ $1.99/lb - $1.83
0.91 lbs Rolled Oats @ $0.69/lb - $0.63
0.90 lbs Raisins @ $1.49/lb – $1.34
0.83 lbs Sunflower seeds @ $1.99/lb - $1.65

(2) Eggs dozen $1.50 each - $0.55/2 dozen eggs Facebook Coupon
            -Final $1.23 each

I spent $7.90 and saved $0.55 plus more. The bulk bin items do not list their regular price. I am saving anywhere from $0.40 - $0.50 on each item.

I went Freebie shopping at Target today 09/09/11 this made me feel a little better.

(4) Degree Deodorants $0.97 - $1/1 Degree Deodorant RP 08/28/11
            -Final FREE
(2) Simply Orange $0.73 – $1/1 Simply Orange Coupon Printable NLA

           -Final FREE
(2) Simply Lemonade $0.73 - $1/1 Simply Lemonage Coupon Printable NLA
          -Final FREE

So I spent $0.00 and saved $8.00 on $6.92 retail worth of product.The Simply Orange was marked $1.02 on the shelf, however it rang up at $0.73 each. She took my coupon with the overage. So I made more money than I thought because she pushed the coupon through. I purchased some shorts and shoes for my daughter not pictured. The extra went towards that purchase. I was close to budget this week and I didn’t want to go over.

This week I spent $56.55 and saved $44.94. Not the best savings, but it is still savings.

How did you do this week? LINK UP below to share your saving and help others on their way to saving as well.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tips for Tuesday

I know with coupons it is easier to buy the smaller package especially when it's free. I do this. I don't like that there is more waste since I am buying more from a smaller package. In order to compensate I do recycle a lot of my waste.

All boxes are recycled in my home. We have an old trash can in the laundry room that is specifically for recycled items. Our city has a recycle program where we have a separate trash bin just to place our recipes items. This is nearly as full as our trash can every week.

I now have a way to make a little extra cash for the family, since there is a recycle machine in our Kroger parking lot. It has a loyalty card and after you put 100 cans or plastic bottles you can pick rewards, including gift cards. If there is no card you can still get a free coke at Kroger with a purchase over $5.00. I have gotten free Coke with no problem. I have only put in 62 items so far, so I am not sure what your choices are until I reach 100. I am very excited that I am able to recycle and get rewarded for doing so.

Also I look for ways to use things we have. You can use the pasta sauce jars to store bulk items you get at the store. Be sure to wash in the dishwasher and lable what you place in the jar. Then you have instant storage.

Here is my reuse of toilet paper tubes. Doesn’t this just look fabulous. I can’t resist telling my friends this is out of TP tubes and a mirror. No one would guess. I followed directions from Homemaker in Heels. She has a fabulous site and a wonderful home from items she has made. Please check her out. There are several other things I would like to make using the leaf design you get from cutting the tubes.
We also try to use washable plates and silverware more than paper plates and plasticware. While this may use more water, we are not putting more trash in our crowded landfills.

Do you currently have any ideas to reuse items? What do you recycle? How do you make the world a better place? Link up any ideas you may have on your blog or share your comments below.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Finals

There will not be any inserts in this Sundays papers. So take it easy and enjoy your holiday weekend. Maybe I can catch up on the ones I need to cut and file. I need a weekend off. That leaves more time to shop.

CVS Shopping
(2) gallons milk - $2.99
(2) Crest Toothpaste - $2.99
(1) Always Pantyliners - $1.49

2 $1/1 Crest Toothpaste P&G 08/28/11
1 Always Pantyliners CVS coupon FREE printed at the Kiosk
$5.00 Extra carebucks

I paid $4.68 and saved $8.49 on $13.45 retail. This was still under my milk budget for the week and my health and beauty needs. So more money goes toward food!

Tom Thumb
(1) Cheetos $1.49
(3) Chef Boyardi Beefaroni $1.25 – Store Coupon $0.89 each, $0.35 tripled SS 08/07/11
            -Final $0.54 each
(1) Clorox Bleach 92oz $2.59 – Store Coupon $2.29, $0.25/1 tripled SS 08/21/11
            -Final $1.54
(2) Whole Wheat Grands Biscuits $1.99 – Store coupon $0.99, $0.30 tripled Printable NLA
            -Final $0.54 each
(2) International Delight Creamer 30oz $3.39 – Store Coupon $2.49
            -Final $2.49 each
(1) 409 Cleaner $4.19 – Store Coupon $1.99, $0.50 Doubled SS 08/21/11
            -Final $0.99

I spent $11.91 and saved $13.13 on $25.04 retail. I knew how much it was going to be before I checked out. I forgot the $0.30 Grands coupon was going to be tripled so my total was less.This was a nice surprise at check out.

Kroger - Mega Event

1 lb. Chilis $1.59
2 .15lbs Grapes @0.99 lbs. - $2.13
(2) Raspberries $1.25 each
(1) 6 count Whole Wheat Sub Sandwich Bread $1.00
(4) Kettle Chips $2.49 – 4 $1/1 Kettle Chips RP 08/07/11
            -Final $1.49 each
(1) Nutella Spread $3.49 - $1/1 Nutella Printable
            -Final $2.49
(1) Hormel Ham lunchmeat $2.99 – MEI
            -Final $2.49
(3) Old El Paso Taco Shells $1.48 – MEI, $0.60/3 Kroger eQ
            -Final $0.78 each
(1) Old El Paso Taco Seasoning $0.82 – B2 OEP Taco Shells, G1 OEP Seasoning FREE Peelie
            -Final FREE
(1) Bounty Napkins $2.69 – MEI, $0.25/1 Tripled P&G 08/28/11
            -Final $1.44
(4) Ocean Spray Juice $2.49 – MEI, $0.55/1 $0.55 SS 05/15/11
            -Final $1.44 each
(1) Enviro Kids Cereal $2.49 – MEI, $.50/1 doubled ALL YOU Aug 11
            -Final $0.99
(1) Vans Waffles $2.49 – MEI, $.50/1 doubled Facebook Printable
            -Final $0.99
(4) Herdez Salsa $1.99 – MEI
            -Final $1.49 each
(5) Del Monte Tomatoes $1.00 – MEI
            -Final $0.50 each

 I won $1.00 off the spin and win wheel and had that taken off my final order. I spent $37.56 and saved $42.91 on $80.47 retail. The raspberries were not a planned item. I got them, since they were on sale for $1.25 each. I try to buy fresh produce when I can. I wash then freeze these to use in smoothies and muffins later in the year.

I went back to Tom Thumb to get a couple of items. They will only double or triple one coupon so since this is on my way back from taking my son to preschool I will stop by to pick up a few things to get the most savings.

I got:
(2) Whole Wheat Grands Biscuits $1.99 – Store coupon $0.99, $0.30 tripled Printable NLA
            -Final $0.54 each
(1) 409 Cleaner $4.19 – Store Coupon $1.99, $0.50 Doubled SS 08/21/11
            -Final $0.99

I spent $2.15 saved $6.12 on $8.27 retail. Saving 75% this time.

I spent $56.30 and saved $70.65 on $126.95 retail. How did you do this week? Did you get any freebies or great deals? Link up to share your deals with everyone below!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts for thursday

With hurricane Irene last week hitting the East Coast, I thought to myself, how prepared am I for an emergency? Have you thought about this? Here are a few things you may want to gather to make sure you are prepared for anything that may happen.

Glow sticks
Matches/ or magnifying glass
Duct Tape
Manual can opener
Someone to call

What situation do you need to prepare for? How long could you be without water or electricity? Make sure you have at least three 20oz bottles of water for each person in your home for two to three days. After two or three days you should be able to get help and be able to obtain more water if needed. You may also look into getting water purification tablets or a solar powered water purification device and have bleach on hand. You can use 16 drops of bleach per gallon of water to disinfect water. Shake and let it stand for 30 min.

Do you have enough food to eat if you do not have electricity or gas to cook? Since I stockpile my food, the answer to this is a resounding YES. We could even cook outside for a while with propane or wood on the grill or smoker. I think we would survive for at least a month if I could not buy any more food from the store. Be sure you have a manual can opener to open any can goods you may have in case the electricity is out.

Do you have enough batteries for your flashlight or candles if the electricity goes out? We have been purchasing only rechargeable batteries for every battery we replace. This may be a little more expensive, but we are not putting many batteries back into the environment as our kids use them up like candy for all their toys. I think we have replaced nearly every battery at least once. We have a set in the drawer that has been charged for each battery type, AA, AAA, D, C and 9 volt just in case they are needed. I am considering purchasing a solar battery charger for just in case such an emergency is needed. They even have solar powered battery chargers for your phone. I am thinking of getting one of these as well.

Someone to call to check in to let them know you are OK and to spread the word to everyone else. This is a good idea to have someone to call and then they can post on social media or get the word to others to let everyone know you are OK and survived. This also helps relieve the phone lines of unnecessary calls. The lines will be free for emergencies from others who truly may need help.

If you do not have a kit all put together, you should make a list of the items you would want to bring or collect in case of an emergency. Also keep this list in a convenient place like taped to a kitchen cabinet where everyone in the house knows where it is.

Do you have any other items you think are a must for an emergency kit? Do you already have and emergency kit packed?

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