Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Finals 10-28-11

Wow what a night. First my daughter had a soccer game after the cold front blew in while it was raining. The sign of a true athlete will play in the freezing rain. The sign of true love is the parents who sit there and cheer them on.  It was very cold and it took me a long time to warm up. Then to come home and stay up late to watch the Rangers loose last night makes for a very slow day today. Lots of caffeine has been consumed to write this post. Since I normally prepare my shopping post on Thursday evenings, I just didn’t have time last night. I will post what I spent and how much I saved. Then maybe later tonight I can update this post.

I still would like to see how everyone else did this week, so LINK UP below! Here are the entries with the most links:


I spend $31.27 and saved $17.10 plus more, since I did several price matches, on $48.37 retail.


$2.28 on fresh produce

Tom Thumb

I spent $12.43 and saved $22.80 on $34.72 worth of retail.


I spend around $10.00 Saved $6.00 on $16.00 retail at CVS.

I spent around $56.00 and saved $45.90 on $101.90 retail.

How did your shopping trip go this week? Link UP below


  1. Amy - I know what you mean about sitting out in the freezing cold. There was one soccer game that I stayed in the car and felt sorry for the kids, but other than that I've been out in wind, snow, rain, shine, from 100 degrees to 25.


    Good for you! The time goes too I sit inside and complain about how hard the bleachers are. Maybe I should just be grateful that I get to go AND have a normal temperature!

    Thanks for having the link up. Still jealous about Sprouts. Loved that store.

  2. Thanks Johnlyn. It is cold here today and I am glad I am inside. I LOVE Sprouts too! I try to tell everyone to buy their produce there.

  3. Very nice! I have never price matched before. Is that easy to do, or do you have problems with the cashiers?

    Thanks for linking up with Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies!  Have a great week!

  4. It really depends on the cashier. Most of the time I do not have a problem with it. I tell them ahead of time I have items I want to price match. Then I make sure these are separated by another bar. I also have them marked on my list which store I want to price match with, so I know which flyers to pull. I circled on my flyers, so it is very easy to find.


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