Monday, October 17, 2011

Money Saving Monday

I love this fall weather. I am still waiting for the first big cool front to come our way. It should be here tonight. It will be time to bring out the big blankets and fuzzy pajamas. This is going to be excellent snuggle weather.

I would love to share some tips I use to help save a few dollars on heating during the winter months ahead. Muffins and breads will now be on the menu at our house more often, since the house will not get so hot from all the baking. After I finish baking, I leave the oven door open to help the oven heat the rest of the house. This is not recommended if you have little ones. Or at least make sure they are not around the oven. This makes a huge difference in warmth in the living areas where we normally hang out.

I love to use my crock pot for making meals too. When I am cooking something in the crock pot, I usually will place it on the counter by the living room. This is where it will cook all day and provide some heat to our common area. I am cooking a great meal for my family and heating the house. How great is that?

My dishwasher is the next source of warmth during those frigid winter months. After the cycle is done, I will open the door and let the heat and steam rise. This also provides some much needed moisture in the air during the dry winter season.

 If I can have all three going at once; the heater may not come on for quite a while. I am creating wonderful meals for my family and clean dishes. I can’t think of anything better!

Do you have ways where you try to create additional heat in your home without using your heater? Please leave a comment below.

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