Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Finals

I went shopping this week. However I am a tinsy over budget, but we splurged on salmon that was on sale. I have been able to purchase a lot of meat lately. For me a good price is cheaper than Wal-Mart. Here is how I did this week. See LINKY below to link up any shopping you did this week.

Sprouts 10/11/11

0.48 lbs Chili Peanuts @ $2.49 lbs - $1.20
2 lbs Salmon $9.48
1 lb Carrots $0.99
3.28 lbs Yellow Onions @ $0.49lbs - $1.61
4 Cartons Strawberries @ 1.25 each - $5.00
2 Kashi Frozen Waffles $4.49 each – B1G1, 2 $1/1 Kashi Frozen items Booklet at Kroger
            -Final $1.25 each
2 Kashi Go Lean Cereals $4.99 each – B1G1, 2 $1/1 Kashi Cereal boxes Booklet at Kroger
            -Final $1.50 each

I spent $23.76 and saved $13.48, including coupons and B1G1 deals, on $37.24 retail value. I was so excited to see B1G1 at Sprouts. They do not normally advertise B1G1 deals. Then I was really excited I was going to get to use my Kashi coupons. I now have all organic cereal in my pantry. I never would have been able to buy organic cereal before I started couponing and really shopping sales.

Kroger Shopping 10/11/11

2 Dozen Kroger eggs $1.25 each - $0.55/2 Printable
2 Whole Chickens @$0.79 lb $9.12 - $1.50/$7.00 Kroger meat catalina
            -Final $7.62 for two chickens
1 Kroger crackers $1.79
1 Domino Sugar $2.19

I spent $13.60 and saved $6.29 on $19.89 retail. I almost missed the $1.50/$7 meat coupon. Be sure to check your coupons and know what you have on hand. I was running out of snacks for school for my daughter, so I purchased the crackers on impulse. Although I didn’t have a coupon for the sugar, it was still lower than the Walmart price of $2.50. I was running low.

I can’t find my Tom Thumb receipt I have a picture of what I bought and I am pretty sure I know most of the prices. Here it goes.

3 International Delight Creamers $1.99 each – In Store coupon
4 Barrilla Pasta Sauce $1.69 – 4 $0.55/1 Barrilla Pasta Sauce SS 08/28/11
            -Final $1.14 each
4 Cambell’s Soup $.50 each – 1 $0.40/4 doubled Chicken Noodle or Tomato RP 09/11/11
            -Final $0.30 each
4 Herdez Salsa B1G1 store deal $2.XX
            -Final less than $1.49 each
2 Gallons of Milk $2.39 each

The bill was around $21.00 and I  saved almost $10.00 on $30.00 retail.


1 Pullups $9.47 - $2/1 Mailed Coupon
            -Final $7.47
1 Pullup wipes $1.64 - $1/1 Mailed Coupon
            -Final $0.64

Total $8.78

I went a little over this week at $67.14. The splurge on the Salmon really put me over. So I need to budget a little better next week. Now I am searching for Buffalo wings. My husband and I are dying for some. I haven’t seen any great prices for any lately. Please post if you find some really cheap. We want them by Sunday for the football game.

How did you do this week? I can’t wait to see your results. Sorry I am having linky issues this week. I had to get a new script. Please try to link up again.


  1. So very jealous that you have a Sprouts! I loved that store when we lived in Phoenix!!!

    Salmon - yummmy!

  2. Yes, it is the best prices for fresh produce and the bulk bins are awesome. I'll have to post pics of the hubby smoking the salmon.

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    My Crazy Life


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