Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Finals

I did most of my shopping this Sunday. I normally do not get that chance. I am under budget this week. That doesn't happen too often. Here is how I did:


(1) Whole Chicken $5.40
(2) Mom’s best Oatmeal $1.00 – 2 $0.75/1 Q Printable
            -Final $0.25 each
(4) Benadryl Anti-itch Pen $2.28 - $2/1 Tear pad at Kroger
            -Final $0.28 each
(1) Little Swimmers $9.97 - $1.50 peelie on package
            -Final $8.47
(4) Juicy Juice $2.67 – 1 Free WYB Little Swimmers All You June, $1/1 WYB All You mag AY June, 2 $0.55/1 printable
            -Final $1.47 each
(1) All You Mag $1.88 - $0.25/1 All You June
            -Final $1.63
(4) Pork N Beaks Van Camps $0.50 - $1/4 All You Mag
            -Final $0.25 each
(2) Scrub Scotch Bright sponge $0.84 each- coupon didn’t scan. I couldn’t find them in order to tell her to take it off. So I purchase higher priced sponges.

I spent $26.95 on groceries and saved $17.02 on $43.97 worth of food. I just added up all the Juicy Juice even though I had three different coupons for the same product and gave my final as price for each. I got the Pork N Beans because of having my binder. These were not a planned purchase. The Benadryl coupon I got at Kroger a long time ago. There were not any restrictions printed on it nor did it say any. I used the coupon and it worked. I always get blinkies and tear pads when they are up in a store. I usually take 4-6. You never know when you will be able to use them.

Kroger Shopping

(2) Gallons of Milk $2.39
(1) Hanson Root Beer Soda $2.49 - $0.50/1 doubled
            - Final $1.49
(4) Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade $1.00 - $0.50/1 doubled RP 06/26/11
            -Final FREE
(1) Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta $1.00 -$1/1 Morning Star booklet in Frozen section
            -Final FREE
(8) Three Musketeers Candy Bar $0.50 - $0.50/2 doubled RP 06/26/11
            -Final FREE

I spent $6.39 and saved $21.77 on $28.16 retail. I didn’t buy much REAL food but I did save $77%. Most of these are snacks or treats.  I use these as gifts or if we have a lot of kids over I don’t mind feeding them snacks and things if I got it for FREE.

JCPenney Shopping

I purchased 2 K cup coffee packs and one small plate. I used my $10.00/$25.00 no exclusions coupon. I got these cheaper than through Amazon. I spent $15.63 and saved $30.42.

This week I spent $48.97 and saved $69.21 on $118.18 worth of groceries and care items.

Happy shopping. How did you do this week? LINK UP any shopping or savings trips you may have. I don't have any rules to this Linky, but just for fun after you link up come back the next day and go to everyone's site and leave a positive comment.

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