Monday, July 4, 2011

Money Saving Monday

Happy 4th of July to everyone in America. My husband is smoking a turkey and a chicken today for the 4th. I just bought the chicken this weekend and I purchased the turkey around Christmas time when turkey was on sale and we froze it until now. With bones and everything it is close to twenty pounds. This will go a long way in preparing meals in the future.

I think I have gone through a full sales cycle in the stores, since I have started extreme couponing for normal people in March. I can honestly say I really don’t need to go to the store for anything. I might be able to reduce my budget now that I have a great variety of food and healthcare products for my family. Of course I will still be shopping the sales, now I can focus on bigger savings items and healthier options for us to eat.

So if you are just starting out know that it takes around 3 to four months to get a nice stockpile of items to have a rounded out supply of items to make meals for your family. I have a nice stockpile I just need some more room to store everything. I need to get my husband to build some shelves in the wash room.

 I hope everyone is having a fun and safe fourth of July. We are having a great time. What is your favorite fourth tradition you do with your family? What dessert do you enjoy making or eating? What is your favorite summer time drink to cool down?


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