Monday, July 25, 2011

Money Saving Monday

I don’t have much to write. Last week I went to my mothers in South Texas. Even though they have had a longer drought than us, it felt much cooler there. It only got to 100 not 105 like here. After our winter where we had a week under freezing, I said I would not complain no matter how hot it got this summer. I don’t like the cold more than I don’t like the heat.

We had a great time at my Mother’s. We went to visit the Blue Bell factory to see how ice cream is made. At the end of the tour you get your choice of ice cream. They had three new flavors they are testing this season. They are Krazy Kookie dough, Orange Swirl and I can’t remember the other. I tried the Krazy Kookie Dough. This is delicious. It does not have any chocolate in it just yellow vanilla ice cream with cookie dough bits frozen inside. The Orange swirl is supposed to taste like a dreamsicle. If you like these flavors buy them in the small containers. The more you buy determines if these will be made in the big tubs next year.

It was fun. I am glad to be back. I think I gained 10 pounds with mama’s cooking. So diet will start this week to get back to my weight.

I hope you have a happy Monday. Come back tomorrow to read about laundry tips.

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