Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

I have worked in the mortgage industry before I took on my full time roll as the CEO of the household. While I was there I worked in various departments. I worked in the ARM department and we had our own language of acronyms. I always said I could speak ARM. Then I moved to modifications where I learned to speak mod. Now I am couponing so… here is a lesson on how to speak coupon.

Many of you wonder what all the abbreviations stand for in my posts. I will give you a quick run down of what each one means.

SS – Smart Source coupon magazine in the paper
RP – Red Plum coupon magazine in the paper
Peelie -  this is a coupon you can peel off a product in the store
Blinkie –This is the little coupon dispenser you see at the store with the little red light
Q – Stands for coupon
MM/DD/YY – this is the date the circular came out
B1G1 – Buy one Get one Free
B2G1 – Buy two Get one Free
OYNO – On your next order. These are usually catalinas that print to give you money off your next shopping trip
$X/X – This tells you the dollar amount first and how many you need to purchase for the coupon

There may be more than I have listed here. I will repost this once I have accumalated more or if I get a lot of questions where people don't understand.

I have gone to the binder system. I think this takes a little longer to do, but I feel better when I go to the store and I know I have a coupon for something I can quickly find it. I did not feel as frustrated when I was shopping at Kroger the other day and I saw the Ronzoni Garden delight pasta for $1.00 a box and I knew I had 4 $1/1 coupons to get it free. I would have been frustrated had I seen that and not had my coupon to match. My saving percentage went up because I saw several items I could get FREE or really cheap.

My two cents on the extreme couponing people on TLC. I have seen many articles where most of them are using coupon fraud to get the EXTREME dollars off. Also the stores are in on the deal and wave their coupon policy for the film crew to shoot the show. So the person on TV is getting special privileges since they have a TV crew with them.

I try not to use my coupon for any other than the intended purpose stated on the coupon. I have been corrected by a cashier on a couple of occasions trying to us a coupon that is only one per transaction. That is mainly because I forgot to read the coupon. I did not get angry with the cashier. I simply stated I was sorry I did not see that. Please read your coupons to make sure you understand the wording.

Don’t get frustrated you cannot walk out of a store with $1,100 worth of food for only $100.00. You need to feed your family. Purchase foods you can eat, but try to buy items that are on sale and you have a coupon to match. You will save more. If you don’t have time to visit many different stores go to Walmart and bring your sales flyers. Walmart will price match any items and will also match a B1G1 deal if the price is listed in the flyer. Then you only need to visit one store to get a lot of savings, but it may take you longer to check out. Remember time is money.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to LINK UP any shopping and savings you may have to share with others.

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