Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips for Tuesday

Packing tips for vacations. Things I always pack so we have enough.

I like to pack all the snacks we are going to eat in one suitcase. These can be the most expensive thing to buy when at the grocery store. We don’t eat out very much, since we normally book a room with a kitchen to prepare most of our meals there. The price of crackers per pound is pretty high when you compare it to the price of meat per pound. We try to just buy meat, cheese essentials when on vacation. Still this can get pretty expensive, since I normally have a stockpile of items to get me through having to buy those items when they are not that expensive.

My husband was amazed at how much we spent at the store when we were on vacation last month. It was at least twice my normal grocery budget. I think that really helped him understand how this system works and how amazing I am to be able to run the family grocery shopping on only $60.00 a week. I think he is a little more on board now. Granted we bought things I normally don’t buy like ice cream and some fun things for the kids. Since we were on vacation I thought we should splurge a little. We still spent far less than eating out for a family of five for three meals a day.

I also pack sun screen, lotions and toiletries in Ziploc bags to prevent any spills. I pack a box of ziplock bags and always carry a couple with me. You would be surprised how often you will use one on vacation. If we are going to be around water at all I put my phone and important stuff in a Ziploc bag and keep it in my pocket. Most of the places we stay don’t have any storage containers for leftovers we put the leftovers in bags and the last supper and breakfast the kids can eat whatever they want from the leftovers. My daughter got to eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast. She was in heaven. I don’t think I have ever heard her say she was full of mac and cheese, but it happened.

Our large suitcase normally is always over 50 lbs when we get to the airport. This time I did not pack any liquids in this suitcase this time. I packed them in the kids suitcases. We did not have to make any adjustments when we checked bags. Also if you have little ones bring the car seat. Renting a seat from the rental car company well you might as well just buy one.

I also pack coupons. When we go to the grocery store I want to be prepared for anything we may purchase and still save.

Happy savings. Do you have any great tips to share? LINK UP any tips you may have from previous posts or you have posted today. Can’t wait to see what new tips I will run across.


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  5. My best saving tip is…. wait for it… wait for it… not spending money! It's also the most boring tip I ever heard, but it's the most effective.

    Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment on my blog. You made my day.

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  10. Hi, I am following back from the blog hop, I never thought of packing food for vacation, which is probably for the best since I tend to be over the allowed weight without any. ;) I do make sure I have used Groupon, restaurant.com and all the other 1/2 off sites to be armed with great deals to dine out.


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