Monday, April 16, 2012

101 Inventive Ways to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

I have a guest Bloggy friend today. Her name is Dinah Wulf from DIY Inspired. Here is an article on several crafty things you can do to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle this week. Stop by her site for more inspiration.

By Dinah Wulf:
I have always been eco-conscious, so to speak, but I never really thought about it.  Now that I have been blogging, and have it all down in front of me (and posted all over the web) I have gravitated toward recycling and repurposing ideas for the main concept of DIY Inspired

It’s funny how things work out.  I even have gone on the anti-plastic bag bandwagon and use only recycled bags at the store.  I get irritated if someone hands me a plastic bag or I forget to bring one inside.  Next thing I know I am carrying my Toddler and all my purchases without a bag!

Since this has been an important topic for me, I thought I’d share 101 crafty and inventive ways to reduce, reuse, & recycle and turn your trash into treasure! Just click on the links to view more!

Phew! That’s 101 Inventive Ways to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle! The crazy part is? This is a fraction of it…I had to stop myself at 101!


  1. Thank you so much Amy for this opportunity! It was a pleasure writing this for your amazing BLOG! :)

  2. Great ideas! I saw some lovely little spice tins whereby they had a magnet attached to the back and were attached to the fridge to keep pens handy.

    I've just featured a similar post on reclaimed wood and its use in beautiful homeware with some lovely images of interiors with reclaimed wooden furniture.




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