Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tornadoes Here in Texas - My story

Sorry no Going green post today. I want to share with you my story from yesterday here in Texas were the tornados were everywhere.
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My son goes to a mommy’s day out program and I normally pick him up around 2:00. I normally do my errands while he is at school. If am home alone I normally don’t turn on the TV or anything. I really enjoy my piece and quite. Normally I leave around 1:45 to go pick him up around 2:00. These times are important so pay attention.

It was raining a little outside, but nothing serious when I  pulled in at 2:00. I was nearly in the front of the line. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself. I am normally in the far back of the line. I got of the SUV and went to get little face and buckle him in his car seat. While I was outside of the SUV, I hear my phone ring and it was my husband. “Oh well,” I thought I will just call him back when I am heading out. So I tried to call. It won’t go through. “Darn phone,” I thought. I hate this d@*# thing. So I try again, and again, and again. Now I am starting to get a little concerned. It would have normally gone through.  My little wheels are starting to turn in my head, hmmm people picking their kids up early and I can’t get through. OK what is going on?

Finally I get through and he tells me to get home fast tornados are on the ground and the storms are heading my way. A little bit of panic starts to set in.

So I ask him “How much time do I have?”
Me: “I wanted to stop by CVS and get some Allegra. Their registers were down when I went in earlier and they are holding it for me.”

Ok I want to get four of them, since I had four coupons and I knew they had them. I thought to myself “this will look really good on my Fridays post.” But is it worth it? Ok Yeah. I will just pick these up and not do any more shopping. I still have $10.50 in ECB’s that expire this Thursday. I will spend those later. I will be fine. In hind sight - WHAT WAS I THINKING!

Little face and I run in there and get the Allegra. The lady wasn’t sure if she could do that, so I grabbed the flyer and showed her there were no restrictions and showed her the coupon where there were no restrictions. Then we were outta there with my four Allegra.

That’s when I heard the tornado sirens go off. Now shear panic is sitting in. I have my 2 year old son out and about with the sirens going off. Those who live here know that if the sirens are going off it may already be too late. So I am trying to get home safely and quickly. Whew we are safe at home around 2:20.

I need to get my daughter from school at 2:40. I watch TV and then our weather radio goes off with a tornado warning for our area. As a mom I start to FREAK OUT a little. What do I do? Do I go out and get her and bring her home? That leaves me and little face out in this weather. OK no bad idea. I finally convinced myself that she is safe at school and we are safe at home. I will get her when this passes. The school sent out an email that they are in lock down mode and will not be releasing any children until storms have passed. I also received a call from the school district, and a few minutes later another call from the principal. Yes she was being taken care of.

So little face and I hunker down in the bathroom with our flashlights, blankets and pillows to wait out the storm. We played flashlight tag to pass the time.  I am pretty shaken up, since I can’t be with my daughter hoping she is OK.

Finally I was able to go get her at 3:40 and all was well just lots of rain and wind. Normally I don’t get too freaked out about storms around here. They come and go. But when I am told several tornados are on the ground and I am away from one of my children. That will freak me out. My husband came home early yesterday, so I could have a drink to calm my nerves. Whew what a day.

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  1. Wow, what a day you had! I'm glad you are all OK.


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