Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organize My Closet

Do you have that closet you dread to go in to because something might fall on you when you open the door? Mine was the closet under the stairs. However, my mission this year is to get organized. I am on my way, but it is taking some time. My budget for this project is quite small, so this is a challenge for me. I love to take on new challenges all the time. My first goal was to organize my closet under the stairs. We have wanted to put up some shelves or something in here, but just never got around to it. This is my gift bag and catch all stuff closet.

Organize My Closet

Here is the before picture

As you can see it is pretty much everything is on the ground. While it is supposed to be in bags, it just isn’t. Mainly because I will realize we need to be at a birthday party in 5 minutes and I pull a gift out the gift stockpile and go try to get a gender appropriate bag in a hurry. So that means dumping out the bags and picking one super fast. Then rummaging through to find the most beautiful tissue paper to go along with the bag. And then just cramming all the stuff back in the closet and hope the door closes. Does that ever happen to you? Never, right?

I am so thankful I have an Ikea near me. I have been eyeing these stands and basket holders for a while and thought they would be perfect for the closet under the stairs. Since these are easy to put together I just did it myself. There are six baskets and they hold a bunch of stuff. I purchased two for under my stairs and they fit perfectly.

Here is a list of what I have put in each of the baskets:

1. Boy birthday Bags
2. Girl Birthday Bags
3. Gender Neutral Bags (Mainly for adult parties)
4. Baby Shower Bags
5. New Tissue Paper
6. Used Tissue Paper (I use these for crafts)
7. Easter eggs
8. Easy Bake oven stuff (Cleared more room in my pantry for a larger stockpile!)
9. Party decorations
10. Ribbons
11. Misc.
12. Empty

I also store 2 food dehydrators, Easter baskets, Vacuum and sweeper in there.

After Picture I Organized My Closet:

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Do you have any organization projects going on in your home? Leave comments I love to hear from my readers.


  1. Those organizers are really cool. You did a great job cleaning that up!

  2. Thanks Tanner and Lena! Now for the rest of the house!


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