Thursday, April 12, 2012


We are massive consumers who produce a lot of waste. What if you could reduce your waste by 50% just by recycling your garbage? It doesn't take much to recycle things we use every day. In order keep the planet and us healthy we need to recycle the items we consume


Here are 10 items to recycle to eliminate from your landfill:   
  1. Aluminum cans
  2. Steel Cans from canned fruits and veggies
  3. Cardboard including cereal boxes
  4. Paper – newspaper magazines
  5. Plastics – Milk jugs, check with your local recycling center 1 & 2 are most popular
  6. Glass containers
  7. Clothing Donate or sell to a resale shop
  8. Cooking Oil – into diesel
  9. Printer cartridges
  10. Compost plant waste

Let’s take a little time and talk about the last one, compost. Do you know all the things that grow  can be composted? Most people don’t realize they can do this every day. This is one of the easiest steps to do in saving our planet.  If you eat fruits or vegetables and you peel them you can take those peels and throw them in your backyard. You can even throw your coffee grounds in the compost heap. It is great if you can have a designated spot to throw the scraps and then keep turning it to make sure the new stuff gets to the bottom.  I love the recent post by my Bloggy friend Miz Helen with her new Garden Compost Helper Schreck.

The decomposing matter starts to come alive after a few weeks. Bugs and insects will be drawn to the moist environment created by all that plant matter. This also will become warm with all the bugs crawling through it and will steam in the winter. So don’t be alarmed.

The bottom of that pile is the compost. This soil is rich in nutrients the insects and worms have broken down. This is the stuff to put on the garden before you plant. This is key for a successful organic garden. After your garden has been sprouted make some compost tea to feed the roots of the garden. Here is the easy recipe:

Compost tea

I know this sounds delicious, but do not drink it. This is for your garden only. Get a 5 gallon bucket and put about 6 inches compost soil in the bottom of the bucket. Then add hot water to fill the bucket. If you can’t guess, that is around 5 gallons. Let this steep for about 5 minutes or so. Take this nutrient rich water using a watering pitcher to water the plants. The garden will use these nutrients to grow great veggies.
~     ~     ~

I am not an expert gardener, but I have read these tricks and use them in my garden to get things to grow. Sometimes it is trial and error. I have had my share of error.

Do you have any things you recycle? What are you growing in your garden this year?

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  1. Great post! Found you on BlogFrog. I'm a big supporter and advocate of recycling, but I honestly never thought of composting until your post! I'm looking into it ASAP! Thanks! My blog has a focus on repurposing and upcycling. Check it out if you can!


    1. Wow Thanks Dinah! I have stopped by your site. I just love it. I would love for you to do a guest post this month on upcycling! This months here theme is recycling and going green.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Great post, and thank you so much for linking in my Compost Helper. Hope you have a great week end and thanks for sharing.
    Miz Helen

    1. Thanks! Your Shreck article was funny and a great idea I wanted to share.


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