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Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Finals 10-28-11

Wow what a night. First my daughter had a soccer game after the cold front blew in while it was raining. The sign of a true athlete will play in the freezing rain. The sign of true love is the parents who sit there and cheer them on.  It was very cold and it took me a long time to warm up. Then to come home and stay up late to watch the Rangers loose last night makes for a very slow day today. Lots of caffeine has been consumed to write this post. Since I normally prepare my shopping post on Thursday evenings, I just didn’t have time last night. I will post what I spent and how much I saved. Then maybe later tonight I can update this post.

I still would like to see how everyone else did this week, so LINK UP below! Here are the entries with the most links:


I spend $31.27 and saved $17.10 plus more, since I did several price matches, on $48.37 retail.


$2.28 on fresh produce

Tom Thumb

I spent $12.43 and saved $22.80 on $34.72 worth of retail.


I spend around $10.00 Saved $6.00 on $16.00 retail at CVS.

I spent around $56.00 and saved $45.90 on $101.90 retail.

How did your shopping trip go this week? Link UP below

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Finals

Wow I have been busy this week. I have started several posts only not to finish them, so I have saved them and will post these next week. I am hoping to do some work this weekend to make posting during the week a little more frequent and easier to do during the week.

I had little face with me when I went shopping at Wal-Mart and he was not totally cooperative at check out. It was after I got home that I noticed many items rang up at a higher price than on the shelf. Be sure to check the prices as they ring you up at Wal-Mart.


1 Lemon Juice $0.88
1 Lime Juice $0.88
1 Terra Sweet Potato Chips $2.58 - $1/1 Terra Chips SS 08/28/11
            -Final $1.58
1 Millstone Coffee K-Cups $11.88 – Price on shelf $11.28
1 Libby’s Cream Corn $0.75 - $1/4 Libby’s canned Vegetables RP 08/28/11
            -Final $0.50 each
10 lb Bag of potatoes $3.00

I spent $20.22 and saved $2.00 on $22.22 worth of retail groceries. I also purchased a couple of items for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend. This food come out of the party budget. One thing was hot dog buns. The shelf price was listed at $0.88; however, it rang $1.25. I was not very happy when I looked at my receipt and discovered that.

Tom Thumb had something similar to a Mega Event also. When you buy eight or more qualifying items you get the discount price. The price off varies from item to item.

Tom Thumb
MEI= Mega Event Item

3 Wolf Brand Chili $0.99 – MEI $0.75/3 SS 10/02/11 (I think)
            -Final $0.74 each
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes $0.99 each - MEI
5 lbs Brown Rice $0.35 each– MEI
1 Nestle Toll House Dk Choc Morsels – MEI, $0.50/1 doubled Nestle Dk Choc. SS 08/21/11
2 Dole Pineapple $0.99 – MEI, $0.50/2 Doubled Printable
            -Final $0.49 each

I spent $8.42 and saved $12.35 on $20.77 worth of groceries retail. I love chili and soups and I am so glad they are back in season. I started in Feb. with couponing and stockpiling and I didn’t get a good stockpile of my favorite chili, Wolf brand. I am stocking up this time to make sure I have some over the summer when I want chili dogs and chili con queso.


1 Hogie Rolls - $1.00
5 Mission Tortillas $1.00 each – $0.55/1 EQ at Kroger
            -Final $0.89 each
3 Dozen eggs $1.25 each
2 Whole Chickens $0.79 lb $8.41 total
I spent $17.61 and saved $8.32 on $25.93 worth of groceries. I have purchased a lot of varieties of meat lately, since they have been on sale. I may go back and get more chicken. I really would like to do a crock pot chicken.


2 Listerine Total Care $3.99 each
2 Edge Shave Gel $1.99 each
1 Huggies Pull ups $8.99

2 $1/1 Listerine Total Care SS 07/31/11
1 Edge Manufacture FREE Q
1 $0.75/1 Edge Printable
1 $1.50/1 Huggies diapers SS 09/11/11
$4.98 in ECBs

$4 ECBs from Listerine Total Care
$1 ECB for Huggies

I spent $9.73 and saved $11.24 on $20.97 retail worth of healthcare items.

I spent $55.98 this week Woo Hoo! Under budget this week! I have to say I am surprised. I didn’t plan as much as I normally do to make sure I stay under budget. I really thought I was over. I need to stay under budget for the next few weeks in order for my budget to work out, and figure out how to start stockpiling soups for this winter. My pantry is already stocked and shelves in my laundry room and my top shelf in my closet and cabinets in my kitchen. Where am I going to put it? Hmmm I feel like a project for additional shelves is needed for the closet under the stairs. We will see if I can get my husband to take on this challenge one weekend soon.

How did you do this week? Share your shopping trips below.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finals

I made one last stop at Kroger on Tuesday before the big no more double and triple coupons. I have to say that I am really disappointed in this decision by Kroger. I wish they would have limited it to either one or two can be doubled at a time rather than removing the entire program. The other really big piece that has been taken away is you can no longer use a coupon on a free item such as a B1G1 deal. This was very helpful for vitamins. I found some really good deals on children’s and adult vitamins.

Kroger has been putting some very high value coupons on the eCoupons site. You may want to go and check them out, if you are going to still shop at Kroger.

With all that said I did pretty well in my shopping this week. Here is the breakdown by store:

Walmart 09/09/11

(1) Huggies Flushable Moist wipes $1.64 - $1/1
            -Final $0.64
(1) Speed stick Deodorant $0.97 - $0.75/1 Catalina
            -Final $0.22
(4) Cascade 3 count Paks $0.97 – 4 $1/1 Any Cascade P&G
            -Final FREE +$0.03 Money Maker
(1) Lamasil Foot Spray $5.97 - $3/1 Any Lamasil Product
            -Final $2.97

I paid $3.71 and saved $8.75 on $12.46 retail worth of products. The Lamasil is a great deal.

CVS 09/11/11

(1) Fruit Newtons $2.50
(1) Irish Spring $2.99
(2) Herbal Essence $2.99 each
(1) Huggies Pull Up $8.99
(1) CVS Allergy 5 count


$2.50 – FREE Fruit Newton print from Kiosk
$5/25 – Coupon loaded onto card
2 $1/1 Herbal Essence Conditioners
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers
$1 ECB
$1 ECB
$3 ECB
$7 ECB

I paid $2.72 for all the products listed above and saved $23 on $25.72 items retail.

$2 ECB – Irish Spring
$3.69 ECB – Allergy Medicine
$2.00 ECB – Herbal Essence
$1 ECB – Huggies

I had a great time shopping at CVS. I went in only to pick up my papers this Sunday. I decided to go to the Kiosk to print out my coupons to see what it was printing this week. To my surprise my $5/$25 was good until Tuesday and I got FREE Fruit Newtons. I thought the $5/$25 had expired. I was so glad I brought my binder with me. I really scored today at CVS.

Walmart 09/13/11

(1) GV Soy Sauce $1.64
(1) Nutella $3.18 - $1/1 Nutella Printable
            -Final $2.18
(4) Planters Peanut butter $1.98 - $.75/1 Planters Peanut Butter
            -Final $1.23 each
(1) Benadryl Stick $2.28 - $2/1 Benedryl product Peelie
            -Final $0.28
(1) Whonu Cookies $2.78 - $1/1 Whonu cookies
            -Final $1.78
(1) Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.49 – Price Matched to Albertsons $0.50/1 All You
            -Final $0.99
(4) Velveeta Nacho Skillet $0.99 each – Price Matched to Albertsons, $1/1 Velveeta
            -Final FREE

I spent $11.75 and saved $11.50 on $23.25 at Walmart. This is the first time I have tried the price match. It went really smooth. Albertson’s has better prices than Tom Thumb and Kroger. So I may be doing more Walmart price match shopping soon. I needed Soy Sauce and the coupon I had for Kikkoman did not make this cheaper than the Walmart brand.

Last Double and Triple Coupons at Kroger 09/13/11

(2) Yoplait 2 lbs $2.69 each – 2 $0.50 doubled
            -Final $1.69 each
(1) Ronzoni Pasta Garden Delight $1.00 - $1/1 Garden Delight Morning star Booklet
            -Final FREE
(4) Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls 5 count $1.00 – 4 $0.30/1 Tripled
            -Final $0.10 each
(4) Huggies Baby Wipes $1.99 each – 4 $0.50/1 Doubled
            -Final $0.99 each
(2) Disney Vitamins $6.99 B1G1 - $2/1 Disney Vitamins Printable
            -Final $2.50 each
(6) Pilsbury Crescent Rolls 4 pack $1.00 – 3 $0.40 each doubled
            -Final $0.60 each
(2) Fliechmans Yeast $1.59 each – 2 $0.40/1 doubled Printable
            -Final $0.79 each
(2) Chef Boyardee $1.00 each  - $0.50/2 doubled ALL YOU
            -Final $0.50 each
(2) Land of Frost Lunch Meat $2.50 each - $0.55/1
            -Final $1.95 each
(1) Jennie –O Turkey Bacon $2.50
(2) Frenchs Onions $2.07 - $0.50/1 Any French’s Onions
            -Final $1.07 – Walmart is a better deal
(1) Pull up Baby Wipes dispenser $2.79 - $2/1 Huggies coupon Mailed
            -Final $0.79
(1) Welchs jelly $1.99 - $0.35 tripled Welchs Jelly
            -Final $0.94
(1) Minute Maid Juice $3.50 - $1/1 Coupon Printable
            -Final $2.50 Cheaper at Walmart
(5) Hunts Snack pack Pudding $1.00 – 1 $0.50/2 doubled All You, 1 $0.45/3 doubled
            -Final $0.62 each average

I spent $35.01 and saved $46.42 on $81.43 worth of retail groceries at my final double and triple coupon shop. It was later that I realized I used the Land of Frost coupons incorrectly. The coupon states it is for the Premium 1 lb size. I didn’t know this until I got home and I was going to tell a friend about it. I pulled my coupon and it was for the incorrect item. I try to use my coupons responsibly and do not intentionally try to use fraud. This was an error on my part. Sometime I just get excited to see I have a match for something I don’t always read exactly what the coupon says.

At Sprouts I spent $5.04 and used one coupon for eggs $0.55. If I have some time I will post this later tonight.

This week I spent $58.23 and saved $90.22 on $147.90 retail. How did you do this week? What are your thoughts on Kroger changing their coupon policy so drastically?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Finals

CVS 08/23/11

(1) Kraft Miracle Whip Salad Dressing $2.00
(1) Hydro 5 blade 4 pack $8.49 – Printed $5.00 ECB
(4) Skippy Peanut butter $1.66 Raincheck

$5.00 ECB
$1/1 Kraft Mayo RP or SS in August
$2/1 Hydro Blade multipack
2 $1/2 Skippy peanut butter RP 07/31/11

I paid $7.13 and saved $23.51 on $30.64 retail from CVS.

Wal-Mart 08/24/11

I wanted to stock up on a few items at Walmart that normally don’t have coupons for like beans. We make a lot of beans for the winter, and I am thinking of starting a fall garden. I would have purchased more wipes, but that is all they had.

(1) Strawberries - $1.68
(1) Navy beans 1lb. - $1.00
(1) Black beans 1lb. - $1.00
(1) Pinto beans 1 lb. - $0.78
(1) Red Kidney beans 1lbs - $1.36
(1) Lentils 1lb. - $0.92
(1) Pull ups $9.47 – I forgot my coupon for these
(4) Pull ups wipes $1.64 – 4 $1/1 Q SS 08/14/11
            -Final $0.64 each
(1) All You Magazine $2.49 – $0.25/1 10% off RP 06/19/11
            -Final $2.24
(2) Eight ‘O Clock Coffee - $4.88 – I didn’t give him my Q for $2/2 for the coffee

I paid $30.77 and saved $4.25 for $35.02 retail. Obviously I was not on my ‘A’ game when checking out at Wal-Mart this time. I could have used the extra $3.50 I would have saved had I use my coupons. Darn. Oh well I have them for next time.

Kroger Mega Event 08/25/11

Ok due to my coupon mess up at Wal-mart I curtailed my spending at Kroger. I did some research while I was at the store to plan for another shopping trip next Tuesday before the Mega event ends. MEI = Mega Event Item $0.50 off

(1) Gallon Milk $2.39
(2) Sunny D $0.99 – MEI, 2 $0.25 Tripled SS 08/07/11
            -Final $0.24 each
(8) Del Monte Tomatoes $0.50 – MEI
            -Final $0.50 each
(2) Nesquik Chocolate Drink Mix $1.09 – 2 $0.50/1 doubled RP 06/05/11
            -Final $0.09 each
(2) Aunt Annies Mac and Cheese $1.00 – 1 $1/2 Q Catalina Printed
            -Final $0.50 each
(4) Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade $1.00 – 4 $0.50/1 doubled RP 07/24/11
            -Final FREE

I spent $8.09 and saved $24.32 on $32.41 retail worth of groceries 75% savings. I even bought real food this time. I am stocking up on tomatoes for this winter. I make lots of soups, stews and chilis. We will need the tomatoes for those items.

All together this week I spent $45.99 on groceries and diapers and saved $52.08. How did you do this week? Any great savings? What Freebies did you find. Share your trips here so we can all learn together. LINK UP below

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Finals

I had a fantastic shopping week. I found many deals I am going to share with you today. I hope you will LINK up any shopping trips you had this week. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

It is still hot here. Although I love shopping, I am not enjoying getting out in this heat. Here are the stores I went to this week and here is how I did.

Walmart would not let me combine 2 V8 Fruit juice coupons and the V8 tea FREE twice. I had enough coupons to have 4 juices and 2 teas for free, but they would not honor it. So that is why it came out the way it did below.

Walmart 07/29/11

(1) Diapers $13.47
(3) V8 Fruit Fusion Juices $2.98 - 3 $1.50/1 V8 Juice Not sure when this came out
            -Final $1.48 each
(1) V8 Fruit Tea $2.98 – B2 V8 Juice G1 Tea Free
            -Final FREE
(4) Speed Stick Deodorant $0.98 – 4 $0.50/1 Speed Stick SS 07/24/11
            -Final $0.48 each

I spent $19.83 and saved $9.48 at Walmart on $29.31 retail. The diapers will last me for two weeks or longer.

Instead of going to CVS on Sunday like everyone else, I am waiting to go on Thursday or Friday. I normally get a coupon emailed to me for $4 off $20.00 or more or $5 off $25.00. Also my CVS doesn’t stock all the items on Sunday they hold back. If I go after Wed. that is when the truck comes they will usually replenish their stock. This is also easier to shop with not as many people in there.

CVS Saturday 07/30/11

(1) Kotex 18 ct Pads $3.49 - $2.00 ECBs printed
(4) Playtex Sport 18ct $5.29 - $10.00 ECBs printed, Spend $20.00 get $10.00 ECB
(1) Carmel $0.33 – to get me $25.00. It was close and they took the $5.00 off

1 $1/1 Kotex SS 07/24/11
2 $2.50/2 SS 06/19/11
1 $5/$25 CVS emailed coupon
2 $4.00 ECBs

Total spent in one transaction $5.98 received $12.00 in ECBs for next time. Total saved $20.40.

Tom Thumb shopping 08/01/11

I mainly went to Tom Thumb to get French bread for us to have Red Beans and Rice, my husband’s favorite dish from New Orleans. Since I was there, I decided to take advantage of a few deals.

(1) Loaf of Fresh Baked French Bread $1.59
(2) Nature Valley Granola Bars 12 ct $1.88 - $0.75/2 SS 07/17/11
            -Final $1.50 each
(4) Classico Pasta Sauce $1.49 – 2 $1/2 Classico Sauce SS 05/15/11
            -Final $0.99 each
(2) Honey Graham Crackers $1.99 - $1/2 Nabisco Honeymaid Crackers
            -Final $1.49 each

I spent $11.54 and saved $16.00 on $27.54 retail worth of groceries. I love Classico Pasta sauce. I have a lot of pasta right now and need some sauce to go with it.

Sprouts is where I get my produce and buy things found in bulk bins that do not have any packaging. This is a great way to save not only money, but also on packaging. I shop what is one sale in the bulk bins. I am still waiting for the multigrain pancake mix to go on sale. Yum.

Sprouts Shopping 08/03/11

(0.94) lbs Whole Wheat Flour @ $0.89 lb
            -Final $0.84
(0.89) lbs Quinoa @ $2.49 lb
            -Final $2.22
(3.82) lbs Grapes @ $0.99 lb
            -Final $3.78
(6) Pints of Blueberries @ $1.88
            -Final $11.28
(1) Stalk Celery $0.88
            -Final $0.88

I spent $19.00 for produce this week.  I use the Quinoa for a vegetarian dish during the week. I can get two meals out of one pound. I will take and wash the blueberries and dry them real well and freeze them. I will use them in muffins, pancakes and smoothies throughout the year.

Kroger 08/04/11

(2) Yoplait Yogurt 4 packs $1.88 each
(4) Dawn Dishwashing Liquid $1.39 – 4 $0.50/1 Doubled Any Dawn P&G 07/31/11
            -Final $0.39 each
(2) Disney Vitamins $6.99 – B1G1 in store, $1/1 Printable
            -Final $2.50 each
(3) Softsoap $1.00 - $0.35/1 tripled Softsoap SS 07/24/11
            -Final FREE
(4) Crest Toothpaste $1.00 - $0.50/1 doubled P&G 07/31/11
            -Final FREE
(2) Bounce Dryer Bar $4.99 - $2.00 off for buying two, 2 $0.50/1 doubled P&G 07/31/11
            -Final $2.99 each
(4) Dole Tropical Fruit $1.00 – 2 $0.50/2 doubled SS 07/24/11
            -Final $0.50 each – Plus $0.50 off next order for purchasing 3 cans

I used $2.00 OYNO coupon from purchasing 4 Crest.
And 2 $0.50 OYNO for purchasing 6 Dole Tropical Fruit.

I spent $14.01 and saved $48.47 on $62.48 retail. I saved 78%. This is one of my best shopping trips at Kroger so far. Should have received $2.00 off next check out for purchasing 4 Crest toothpastes, but two rang as toothbrushes. I didn’t realize this until I got home. Little face was not being the best baby at the store. I was pretty bummed.

CVS 08/04/11
Here is my awesome CVS trip!

(2) Gallons Milk $2.99 - $2.00 ECB printed
(1) Gillette Fusion Pro Razor $9.99 - Used at $4.00 coupon, $5.00 ECB printed
(2) Revlon Lip Sticks $5.79 each- Used 2 $1.00/1 Revlon Coupon, $3/$10 cosmetic purchase, $6.00 ECB printed
(1) Tums 72 count $4.99 - Used CVS coupon for FREE stomach aid

I used $13.00 in ECBs in one transaction and I had $4/$20 or more I loaded to my card.

I spent $3.55 and saved $28.99 on $32.54 worth of items retail. I had a lot of coupons print at the machine and they are sending me a coupon almost every week for some dollars off of $20.00 or more. This was the best trip for me combined with the Kroger trip above. I had a really good feeling about couponing after this week.

LINK UP below to share your shopping trips this week.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Finals

Wow this was a great MEGA EVENT at Kroger. This brought back the fun I have for shopping and getting deals. 

I purchased the exact Colgate in the ad and I had an exact coupon to match. However when they rang the Colgate it did not ring as a Mega Event item. The assistant manager checked me out and he overrode the system to manually change the price. Therefore my totals were off. It said I had 38 participating Mega Event items instead of 40. I didn’t realize this until I got home. I thought my total was high for what I purchased. I was missing out on $4.00. I was going to pick up my stepson on in the afternoon and Kroger is sorta on the way. I stopped by the service desk to get my $4.00.

Here is how I did:

(2) Colgate Whitening Tooth pastes $1.00 – 2 $0.50/1 doubled
(4) Kettle Chips $2.79 - $0.50 each Mega Event item, 4 $1/1 Kettle chips
            -Final $1.29 each – Stocking up for birthday party next month
(1) Pasta Roni $1.12 - $0.50 Mega Event Item, Peelie Q B3 Rice a Roni G1 Pasta Roni FREE
            -Final FREE
(5) Rice a Roni $1.12 - $0.50 Mega Event Item
            -Final $0.62 each
(2) Gortons Fish Sticks $2.49 - $0.50 Mega Event Item, $1/2 Printable
            -Final $1.99 each
(2) Pringles Whole Wheat $1.49 - $0.50 Mega Event Item – No coupon
            -Final $1.00 each
(6) Lipton Ice Tea $1.00 - $0.50 Mega Event Item, 3 B1G1 Free found at Target
            -Final $0.25 each
(4) Sunny D Punch $1.49 - $0.50 Mega Event Item, $0.25/1 Sunny D Doubled
            -Final $0.25
(8) Kroger Tomatoes $1.09 - $0.50 Mega Event Item
            -Final $0.59 each
(1) Silk Almond Milk $2.69 - $0.50 Mega Event Item, $1/1 Silk Milk
            -Final $1.19
(4) Weber Marinades $0.99 - $1/1 any Weber Marinade
            -Final FREE +$0.01 profit each
(3) Herdez Salsa $1.99 - $0.50 Mega Event Item
            -Final $1.49
(1) Ocean Spray Cranberries $1.99 - $0.50 Mega Event Item
            -Final $1.49
(1) Kroger Peanut Butter $1.79 – we were out
(2) Disney Kids Vitamins $6.99 – B1G1, 2 $1/1 Q
            -Final $2.50 each
(1) Kroger Hazelnut spread $2.50

After my $4.00 refund, I spent $37.58 and saved $58.19 for $95.77 retail or around 60%. The coupon for the Pringles was not for the ones on sale. I also had coupons for the Garden Delight pasta, but they were out. I could have gotten 5 boxes. One would have been for free. My splurge item this week was the Hazelnut spread. We were out of Nutella and I didn’t get the coupon a while back to purchase some. We just love Nutella. With couponing there are some sacrifices you make, but sometimes you have to get items your family loves. I am not so extreme I would not buy something just because I don’t have a coupon for it.

I went to Kroger on Tuesday to pick up a couple of things:

(2) Gallons Milk $2.39
            -Final $2.38 each
(8) Kraft Big Sliced cheese 8 oz. $1.99 – 8 $1/1 blinkie a while back
            -Final $0.99 each

Total $12.70 and saved $23.30 on $36.00 retail or 66%. I am going to use the cheese to crumble and put on things like shredded cheese. I only had one bag left of shredded cheese. I crumbled some of the sliced cheese for a dish I make this week. It worked out great. When buying cheese if you can get it under a $1.00 for 8 oz you should buy it anyway and think of ways you can use it. Cheese is expensive.

I also went to Sprouts yesterday and got the $0.88 lbs for the split chicken breast. I picked up nearly 8 lbs and also purchased some granola for $2.49 lbs. I spent around $10.00. I can’t find my receipt.

I made a trip to Walmart for diapers. There were no great diaper deals this week. I ended up buying Walmart brand. Here is how I did:

(1) Diapers $13.49
(1) Dixie Paper Plates $2.50
(4) Cascade trial packs $0.97 – 4 $1/1 Cascade product
            -Final FREE +$.03 profit each

It was around $18.00 with tax for everything. I can’t find that receipt either. I thought I put them all on my desk with my receipts.

For the week I spent around $79.00. This is way over budget for the week, but there were some really great deals out there. I am taking the kids to my mother’s next week. So I should be saving a lot next week.

Link up your savings below.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Finals

I did most of my shopping this Sunday. I normally do not get that chance. I am under budget this week. That doesn't happen too often. Here is how I did:


(1) Whole Chicken $5.40
(2) Mom’s best Oatmeal $1.00 – 2 $0.75/1 Q Printable
            -Final $0.25 each
(4) Benadryl Anti-itch Pen $2.28 - $2/1 Tear pad at Kroger
            -Final $0.28 each
(1) Little Swimmers $9.97 - $1.50 peelie on package
            -Final $8.47
(4) Juicy Juice $2.67 – 1 Free WYB Little Swimmers All You June, $1/1 WYB All You mag AY June, 2 $0.55/1 printable
            -Final $1.47 each
(1) All You Mag $1.88 - $0.25/1 All You June
            -Final $1.63
(4) Pork N Beaks Van Camps $0.50 - $1/4 All You Mag
            -Final $0.25 each
(2) Scrub Scotch Bright sponge $0.84 each- coupon didn’t scan. I couldn’t find them in order to tell her to take it off. So I purchase higher priced sponges.

I spent $26.95 on groceries and saved $17.02 on $43.97 worth of food. I just added up all the Juicy Juice even though I had three different coupons for the same product and gave my final as price for each. I got the Pork N Beans because of having my binder. These were not a planned purchase. The Benadryl coupon I got at Kroger a long time ago. There were not any restrictions printed on it nor did it say any. I used the coupon and it worked. I always get blinkies and tear pads when they are up in a store. I usually take 4-6. You never know when you will be able to use them.

Kroger Shopping

(2) Gallons of Milk $2.39
(1) Hanson Root Beer Soda $2.49 - $0.50/1 doubled
            - Final $1.49
(4) Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade $1.00 - $0.50/1 doubled RP 06/26/11
            -Final FREE
(1) Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta $1.00 -$1/1 Morning Star booklet in Frozen section
            -Final FREE
(8) Three Musketeers Candy Bar $0.50 - $0.50/2 doubled RP 06/26/11
            -Final FREE

I spent $6.39 and saved $21.77 on $28.16 retail. I didn’t buy much REAL food but I did save $77%. Most of these are snacks or treats.  I use these as gifts or if we have a lot of kids over I don’t mind feeding them snacks and things if I got it for FREE.

JCPenney Shopping

I purchased 2 K cup coffee packs and one small plate. I used my $10.00/$25.00 no exclusions coupon. I got these cheaper than through Amazon. I spent $15.63 and saved $30.42.

This week I spent $48.97 and saved $69.21 on $118.18 worth of groceries and care items.

Happy shopping. How did you do this week? LINK UP any shopping or savings trips you may have. I don't have any rules to this Linky, but just for fun after you link up come back the next day and go to everyone's site and leave a positive comment.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kroger Shopping, Tom Thumb Shopping, Walmart Shopping

I did a lot of shopping this week with two kids in tow. I had Little Miss and Little Face with me. Little Miss hates shopping. I was interested to see how this was going to turn out. With my surprise, she did great. She wanted to push the cart most of the time. This allowed me to look and concentrate a little more to see if there were any other deals out there and price compare a few items.

I finally hit the 70% saved mark on one of my receipts. There were not a lot of items purchased, but I even had an impulse buy on tortillas with no coupon and still saved 70%. Here is a list of my weekly finals with all the stores I have visited.

You can find my Drugstore CVS post here.

1st Trip to Kroger 06/07/11

(2) Pineapples $1.00 each - $1.25/2 Del Monte Pineapples
            -Final $0.38 each
(2) International Delight creamers Pint $1.50 each – 2 $0.55/1 Pint Creamers
            -Final $0.95 each
(4) Pert shampoo trial size $1.00 each – 4 $1/1 Pert any size shampoo
            -Final FREE
(4) Mission Tortillas $1.00 on Sale from $1.69
            -Final $1.00 each

I spent $6.65 and saved $16.07 on $22.72 worth of groceries. I saved 70% yeah I finally hit that mark. I am so excited. It may not have been many items. I am still excited since one was an impulse buy.

My Walmart will not let me use the pert $1.00 off on trial sizes. If it is a money maker coupon, it has to be what is on the picture of the coupon or it has to be written on the coupon. They are very sticky there. I would rather get it free than not at all. I usually donate these.

Walmart Trip

(.52) lbs Bananas @0.39 lbs - $0.66
(1) GV Parmesan cheese $2.62
(1) Huggies Pull Ups $8.97 - $1.50/1 blinkie coupon
            -Final $7.47

I spent $10.75 and only saved $1.50. The bananas were an impulse buy since this was such a great price. I should have gotten more to freeze for breads and smoothies. Oh well there is always next week.

Tom Thumb Trip

Tom Thumb has the 8 Mix and Match sale. With Tom Thumb the amount off depends on the product purchased. This is like a Kroger mega event you get $0.50 off of 8 qualifying items.

(2) Chef Boyardee beefaroni $1.25 – $0.50 off
            -Final $0.75 each
(2) Marsh Mallows $1.69 - $0.90 off
            -Final $0.79
(4) Gogurt $2.19 each – 2 $0.75/2 Gogurt, $1.00 off sale
            -Final $1.32 each

I spent $8.34 and saved $8.30 on $16.64 worth of food retail. I may go back next week, since I walked around the store and I found other items I need that I knew I had coupons for. The Chef was an impulse buy and I had to rearrange some items I was planning on getting. I am glad, since we were nearly out of Chef and my daughter loves to eat it.

Kroger Trip #2

(1) Kroger apple juice $1.77
(2) Wheat thins Snack Sticks – 2 $1/1 Q
            -Final $1.00 each
(12) cups Yoplait Yogurt $0.50 each – 2 $0.40/6 Yoplait yogurt doubled
            -Final $0.36 each
(3) Rosarita refried beans $0.98 each - $0.50/3 beans
            -Final $.64 each
(2) V8 Fruit Fusion Juice $2.49 – $1/2 V8 Fruit Juice
            -Final $1.99 each
(1) Ortega Salsa $2.69 - $1/1 Ortega product catalina
            -Final $1.69
(4) Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.85 – 4 $0.50/1 Ragu Pasta sauce doubled
            -Final $0.85
(1) Edge Shave Cream $2.39 - $0.55/1 Edge or Skintamate Shave Cream
            -Final $1.84
(2) Dole Mandarin Oranges $1.34 - $0.50/2 Dole Mandarin Oranges
            -Final $0.84 each
(4) Franks Red Hot Sauce $1.00 – 4 $0.50/1 Any Franks red hot sauce Doubled
            -Final FREE
(1) Ocean spray Sparkling Juice $3.99

I have been buying 3 cans of Rosarita beans for the past few weeks until my coupon expires tomorrow. I was hoping for a sale, but missed the one at Tom Thumb. I thought it was a good deal since it doubled I would be getting one for Free. I also purchased the Oranges since the coupon would double at Kroger. Kroger has the best price on the oranges right now. I did not read my eCoupon from Kroger carefully on the Ocean spray Juice. It was FREE as a B1G1 deal however all it said on my phone was FREE ocean spray juice. Once you click on the coupon it states that it is B1G1 Free. Otherwise I would not have gotten the juice. I could have taken it back. I was still mainly within my budget.

I am running out of time and will try  to post the coupon match ups at a later time.

Did you score any great deals this week? Share your shopping results with others. Link UP!

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